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Video File SEO for YouTube


Hello and welcome to Video #5. Let’s talk about Video File Optimization.

Did you know that all files contain data that tells YouTube what your video could be about? Let me show you.

The way that YouTube gets an idea of what your video is about is by transcribing it, and for the most part, it can usually figure out what your video is all about if you have a voice and speaking in it. Now, you can go one step further by adding the, what we call video file metadata.

It’s very similar to website metadata, so for example if you right click on any website, and you click on View page source, up at the top you are going to see a lot of what we call metadata.  Right here we can see the name, the title, the description, and all that information.

What that does is it tells google essentially what your website is all about. So very very similar in this case of what we are doing here.  So what we are doing here is we are taking the video file that you have created, and embedding it with more information. Besides the title and description, YouTube will be able to read the metadata inside of your video. So it will make a little bit more sense when I show it to you.

Now, it’s really hard to find software out there that allows you to embed metadata, except for a few. So one of them is called video converter by Wondershare, and that is videoconverter.wondershare.com.  If you go there and download, up at the top of the page, you will be able to embed metadata.

In fact, we are going to be using that for this particular video. Now, there is other software out there, like the Adobe Bridge software, which allows you to embed the metadata into your video. And the reason why I am using Wondershare is that I feel like it’s a lot easier to use.

If you go ahead and download this, I am going to open this here, and what I did was I clicked add files and I chose the file.  Now, there is a lot of things that you can change about the video, what we are particularly interested in is this icon right here.

Click this icon, or letter i, here, and you are going to see that it says name, language, episode name, actors, directors, screenwriter, tagline and description, and comments. So what I recommend is you try to complete this as much as you can.  Episode name, actors, so that would be whoever is in the video, director, the screenwriter, which could be you, and then the tagline.

What I would do is the tagline be your title, and then the description is your description.  So whatever you are going to upload to YouTube, put this as a title and put this as a description, and then in the comments, I would put something like keywords.

And all you have to do is click save, convert it and done. That’s the reason why we are using video converter, because it is just so much easier, with Adobe Bridge it’s easy too, but there are a lot more options and it’s very easy to get confused.

Once you are done with, you save the video, your video has the metadata inside of it, and all you have to do is simply upload it to YouTube and that’s it.

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