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Hello and welcome to Video #4. In this video, we are going to talk about Your Title and Your Description.

Let’s take what you have gathered in the previous video, and let me show you how to properly create your titles and descriptions.

When it comes to creating titles and descriptions, we simply need to do what we did in the previous videos.  Which was the competitive research, and as you can see here we have the videos 1, 2 and 3, the top #1, #2 and #3, and of course we have the main keyword?

We have this main keyword here, so that’s definitely going to be in the title, and then of course if you noticed, the target audience was beginners. So essentially what you are noticing here is that people are calling out the audience and then, of course, they have the keyword in the title itself.

And then, of course, you want to make sure that the title main keyword and target audience is also going to be in your description. Now, what I like to do is I like to go look at magazines in that niche.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly, in this case, Instant Pot, but it needs to be somewhat of that genre.  Now, one thing that I noticed was when we took a look at the Instant Pot chicken, you could write out something like Top 6 Easiest Things, so instead of things you could say chicken recipes or pot roast recipes, to cook in your Instant Pot.

Or, you could say something like Instant Pot Chicken – top 6 easy recipes or you could use a number, people like numbers, especially knowing that somebody gets an Instant Pot for the sake of saving time, you can say Top 6 Easy Chicken Recipes that take less than 30 minutes.

Now obviously that’s a little bit longer, so let’s head on over to Google here. As I said, I like to use magazines. Magazines do a great job of creating titles.  As you can see here, I typed in Instant Pot magazine, and to the right, you will notice that there is Instant Pot All time recipes

Let’s just go ahead and open that in a brand new window, like so. So it looks like we have to pay, but let’s just go ahead and click the free sample. We can see Instant Pot All-Time Best Recipes, so you can do something like all-time best chicken recipes or Instant Pot – all-time best chicken recipes, or all-time best chicken Instant Pot recipes.

Obviously here we are not going to copy word for word, because that’s plagiarism, but we are going to use something different, we are going to tweak it around. What we are looking here is for headlines, so let’s go back here.

So it could say Everyday Instant Pot: 115 Delicious Family Friendly Pressure cooker recipes.  You can also say Everyday Instant Pot: 6 Delicious Family Pressure Cooker Recipes.

Everyday Instant Pot Chicken, as long as the word Instant Pot Chicken is in there.  So we got 66 Instant Pot Recipes that Put Your Pressure Cooker to Work. We can say something like 6 Instant Pot Chicken Recipes that Take Less Than 15 Minutes.

And yes, believe it or not, Instant Pot can literally cook something like a pot roast within less than an hour, or sometimes half an hour.  Because it’s a pressure cooker, it cooks a lot faster.

That’s what I like to do, it is like I take a look at magazines.  So it doesn’t necessarily have to be Instant Pot in this example. It can be another food magazine.

Essentially that’s how to create the titles.  As far as the description goes, if you take a look at what they’ve written here, the first one that’s ranking really well, as you can see here, we’ve got Instant Pot 101 For Beginners.  You will notice that they are trying to target the keyword Instant Pot 101 for Beginners. So they’ve stated that in the title, and they’ve also put it in the description.

It says everything you need to know about how to use the Instant Pot and a beginner Instant Pot recipe.  Notice that they use the keyword beginner, Instant Pot twice. And then, of course, they’ve got Instant Pot Hacks, Instant Pot Yogurt, and what they are essentially doing here is they are linking to other related videos.

Google and YouTube are smart enough to have an algorithm to read the description and think ok, they’ve got other videos that they’ve created, that are related to Instant Pot. This video must be good, or this channel must have a lot of relevant information.

So we are going to rank it a little bit higher because it’s going to give people what they want to see.  Now we look down here, it says Instant Pot Chicken, so this is the lady who is ranking really high on Instant Pot, but also Instant Pot Chicken.

So it says cook with me as I try a new recipe with my Instant Pot. So we can see the keyword Instant Pot here. And you can see, the description is really written for the user, but it contains the keywords that are necessary.

You don’t need to write something like Instant Pot Chicken, or something that’s just a bunch of garbled information. You want to make sure that the title and the description attract people, first and foremost, and then embed the keywords within.

The third one, we’ve got Top 6 Easiest Things to Cook in Your Instant Pot – Perfect for Beginners. So it says today I am sharing with you the 6 easiest things to cook in your Instant Pot.

You can see here, the title is here, but the title is also in the description. It says now these are perfect if you are just starting out or even had the Instant Pot for a while.

So you can see the keywords that are embedded, but it’s really written for the user. And that’s the way it should be because the title and the description will actually show up in the YouTube search engine, as you can see here.  We’ve got the title, we’ve got the description. So you want to make sure that the first sentence in your description is catchy as well.

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