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YouTube SEO Secret Tip

Secret Tip for YouTube SEO



Hello and welcome to Video #8. So just wanted to say congratulations on reaching the end of this video course. We are going to talk about a Secret Tip that You Can Use to Outrank Your Competitors.

We briefly talked about why having a longer video was important, right? So one secret tip that we can give you is that what we have found that works is the following – longer videos, in the sense of live streams, which means you get on YouTube and you talk to people live.  You have webinar replays, and videos where people expect them to be longer.

In other words, people are expecting the video to be longer, but if you make a normal video that people expect to be 5 minutes, and it is an hour, then you are not really going to hit that 50%.

But when you have a livestream or webinar replay, usually people typically expect it to be at least one hour.  Because people expect it to be one hour or longer, they expect to take time out of their busy schedule to actually watch your longer video.

And what we have found is that these work really well compared to the average video.  Let’s discuss what you need to do in terms of software, or even web applications needed to create live streams and webinar replays.

In order to create a YouTube live stream, you will need to have a broadcasting software. There are many, you can go to YouTube and type in live stream, how to set it up, and discover a lot of videos on that.  But this is one particular application  that we have used and that has worked really really well for us.

It’s called Open Broadcaster Software, and it’s free, best of all.  And that is located at obsproject.com.  You can see here, there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.  It’s simply as easy as downloading and you can start streaming.

The reason why you need the software is basically because it connects to the YouTube livestream system and when you are ready you click record and you are good to go.  Now, I am not going to go in depth on how to use this product, just simply because there are so many different options and so many different ways of using it.

Now, like I said, the tip is when outranking your competitors to have longer views, this is good for kind of a face to face talking head type long video.  If you want to use a camera you can do that, if you want to do something like screen capture, meaning you are going to show your screen, then you are going to want to use something like go GoToWebinar.

And you can use GoToMeeting.com/webinar to do that.  Another tool that we have used, which as of now it is free, and who knows, it could change.  So GoToWebinar does cost money, but it’s a nice way to engage with people.  T

his is the route that I would take if you are engaging with people.  If you are not engaging with people and you are simply doing screen capture, there is a tool called Use Loom.  Let me show it to you.

The useloom.com – Loom is essentially a Chrome plugin, and what it does is it allows you to record your screen.  It’s super easy to use, in fact, it’s super fast.  It’s so fast that you can literally start recording and within second when you done you will have the video in hand.  You can download the actual video file to your computer really fast.  So those are the three options that I would use.  It really depends on the avenue that you want to take.

Finally, create a longer video, but just don’t create any content, make sure that the content is valuable, because you want to make sure that people watch all the way through. Or if not, watch at least 50%.

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