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What Is YouTube About?


YouTube is a web-based video sharing platform with features that include light social media functionalities such as profiles and comments as well as monetization for user-created content.

YouTube got started as a simple video sharing website by former PayPal employees. Their inspiration came from being unable to find a website where they could upload short videos that they had shot at social events.

They were also inspired by how difficult it was for them to find replays of popular TV broadcasts anywhere on the internet. It launched in 2005 and became popular pretty quickly. It was bought by Google for almost $2 billion one year after it launched!

Make no mistake, you will find all types of video content on the platform. Music videos, movie trailers, gameplay footage, sports broadcasts, and news, you will find it all on YouTube, no matter where you are from!

Content creators, media stations, large corporations, small businesses and regular people from all over the world can use the site to broadcast and publish their content, with videos such as concerts, sports broadcasts, live blogs, gaming tournaments, how-to videos, documentaries, and live seminars being uploaded and streamed on the platform at all hours, all the time.

YouTube is such a big video sharing platform that users can even monetize their video content thanks to YouTube’s share advertising revenue model for content creators. Some “YouTubers”, as content creators are called on the platform, are making up to six-figure incomes with their original content alone!

YouTube was considered to be kind of a niche site when it first launched, as back then not everybody was into online video content, and social media was in its infancy. In fact, the only features offered to users besides video playback included the ability to create accounts and to upload short videos.

Nowadays the most used feature on the platform is still video playback, with .over 1.5 billion monthly users visiting and playing videos on the site. Video uploads have allowed a whole industry of video content creators to flourish.

Users can now also broadcast live video from home without the use of expensive equipment or previous broadcasting experience.

Monetization has become one of the biggest contributors to the platform’s success and we are going to talk about the role of YouTube advertising in monetization next up, so tune in!

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