Who Should And Who Should Not Use LinkedIn

Who Should Use LinkedIn and Who Shouldn’t

LinkedIn is meant for freelancers, business owners, high-ranking professionals and college students to make connections. It is not meant for sending funny memes, pictures of your cats, or even for use for “off color” businesses. It is a buttoned-up social network that should be treated with respect.

Who Should Use LinkedIn

Anyone who has a sincere need to connect with, build relationships with others, and likes to work together in a community to get things done, should consider joining LinkedIn. Even if you already have a good job, or are very successful as a freelancer.  Joining LinkedIn and using it properly can only improve your opportunities.

* Publishers – If you are responsible for publishing books or magazines, you should be on LinkedIn as it is a great platform for getting the word out about the things that you publish. You can find new talent as well as market the talent that you already have.

* Writers – LinkedIn is set up perfectly for authors. With the way the profile is created you can include excerpts of the books you write, as well as presentations such as book trailers. You can even offer links to your own published books.

* Recruiters – A lot of people who need freelancers or employees for new jobs and new projects use LinkedIn as a way to connect with CEOs and recruiters. As a recruiter you’ll get the most information about the people who want the jobs you represent.

* Freelancers – If you are a freelancer and need more clients, especially if you’re in the business world of technology, writing, publishing, teaching, finance, accounting, operations and so forth, then LinkedIn is for you.


* College Students – As you are approaching graduation it’s important to create a professional profile on LinkedIn that explains your experience, internships, shows demos of presentations you’ve given and so forth so that recruiters can locate you. Plus, you can send a link to your LinkedIn profile to people who might have positions for you.

Who Should Not Use LinkedIn

* Scammers – If you think you can get on LinkedIn and just sell to people without communicating and building relationships, there is no point whatsoever for you to join LinkedIn.

* People with Nothing to Contribute – If you’re not going to fully develop your profile, continue to update it, join a group or two, and participate on LinkedIn, there is no point in joining. Having a profile there, without ever going back to look at it or do anything, is useless.

Using LinkedIn, whether you use the free version or the upgraded version, can be a very lucrative way to build professional connections. While it may not always be clear what will happen with these connections at first, make connections that count and you’ll be glad that you did.

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