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YouTube Walk Through


Let’s start on YouTube’s home page. From here you will have access to all the .shortcuts, tabs and buttons that will give you access to all of YouTube’s .awesome features. On first glance, you will be presented with a mix of videos .that include your watched videos, recommended videos, and others.

Then you have the shortcuts and features. Let’s first click on the profile icon in .the top right corner. Clicking on your profile icon will display your YouTube .accounts menu and YouTube options menu. Let’s start with the account menu.

The “my channel” shortcut will take you to the channel currently selected on .your account. The “creator studio” shortcut will take you to your YouTube creator studio, from where you will be able to manage and edit your videos, as well as account features such as advertising and monetization.

We are going to check this section out in depth in the following chapter, so let’s .move on and click on the “switch account” shortcut, which you can use to switch
between YouTube accounts stored on your browser. Lastly, you can use .the “log out” button to log out of YouTube until the next time you sign in.

Let’s now go over to the YouTube options menu. First, you have the “dark .theme” option that you can turn on or off depending on your theme .preferences. Next up is the “YouTube settings” button, where you can manage your account settings including your “connected accounts”, your “privacy” settings, your “notifications” settings and your “playback” settings.

Additional shortcuts here include a “help” section, a “send feedback” button .and three additional user interface settings. The “language” tab will allow you to switch between several languages for your user interface.

The “location” tab will give you the option to select a country from which to get videos on your feed. The default content location is the country of residence
that you enter when you create your account, but you can change it later using this menu if you want to view more content from different countries.

The “restricted mode” tab will prevent videos with inappropriate content or videos that have been tagged as such by other users from appearing on your video feed. It is set as “off” by default, but you can turn it “on” and back to “off” if you need to.

Let’s now look at the icons located on the left of the profile shortcut. The bell-shaped icon button is the “notifications” shortcut, which will allow you to check
notifications such as comments or likes received, new subscribers, added, and reminders in general, to name a few.

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The “YouTube apps” icon button will provide you with shortcuts to different YouTube services such as “YouTube Gaming” and “YouTube Kids”. Lastly, the
“upload” button will allow you to upload your video content to the YouTube platform with a few clicks of your mouse.

YouTube features a standard “search” bar that you can use to search video content on YouTube by using specific video titles or keywords. Let’s now look at the
options available when you click on the menu icon located on the top left-hand corner.

Starting on top is the “Home” tab, which will simply take you to YouTube’s home page. The “trending” tab is an awesome shortcut to a feed populated with trending videos, and the “subscriptions” tab will show you the most recent videos from the YouTube channels that you are subscribed to.

Now over the “library” menu is the “history” shortcut, which will take you to your viewed videos history page. Where you will be able to check your “watch
history”, your “search history”, your comments and your community activity.

The “watch later” shortcut button will take you to a page where you can watch videos that you have marked as “watch later”.

This is a useful feature because it allows you to save a video so you can watch it later, at a more convenient time. You can save videos this way by hovering over a video on the video feed and clicking on the clock icon. Doing so will save your “watch later” video to the “watch later” section.

The “liked videos” shortcut button will take you to a collection of your liked videos. You can like a video by clicking on the “like” button below a video while you are watching it. The “subscriptions” menu will show a list of YouTube channels that you are subscribed to.

This menu will appear empty if your YouTube account is new or if you simply haven’t subscribed to any channel just yet. You can use the “add channel” and
the “browse channel” buttons to find channels to subscribe to, which will be added to this menu later on.

You can subscribe to a YouTube channel while you are watching a video by clicking on the “subscribe” button below the video.

Scroll down past these options in the menu and you will find additional shortcuts, some of which we have already gone through on the options menu on the right-hand side. Other shortcuts such as YouTube’s “about” page, sections for creators, advertisers, and developers can be found here.

As you can see, YouTube’s interface experience is rich yet user-friendly and simplified. Next up we will be showing you how to set up a channel to advertise from, so make sure to tune in!

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