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YouTube Ads 2.0 Continued

What Are YouTube Ads?


Hey there everyone! In our previous post we mentioned that one of the things that have made YouTube such a popular platform is that it allows people to monetize their video content on the .platform thanks to its shared revenue model.

This shared revenue model allows YouTube to monetize user-created content and then splits the earned revenue with users.

YouTube monetizes user created content by allowing advertisers to promote their stuff with ads on YouTube.  You can become one of those advertisers and start promoting your own business with YouTube ads!

But what are YouTube ads? YouTube ads are simply advertising units that are primarily served on videos uploaded to the platform. Types of YouTube ads. There are several types of YouTube ads, and you have most likely run into most of them while watching videos on the platform:

Video Ads

These are by far the most popular types of ads on the platform. The most recognizable type of video ads is “in-stream” video ads.  An example of in-stream video ads are “pre-roll” ads, which are video ads that “roll” before YouTube videos eligible for monetization start playing “Mid-roll” ads are, on the other hand, video ads that are spaced in between a video’s play time, just like classic TV commercials, and they are eligible to appear on videos that are 10 minutes or longer.

Lastly, there are “bumper ads”, which are short-form video ads that can be no longer than 6 seconds. They are optimized for mobile and, unlike other in-stream video ads, these are un-skipable! Display Ads

These types of YouTube ads work much like classic display ads on the display network, as they are shown on the right-hand navigation column above the video queue column.  Other types of display ads include “overlay ads”, which are banner ads that appear across the bottom 20% screen space of a video.

Discovery Ads

This is a very particular type of video ad that, unlike in-stream video ads, will appear on search results when trigger keywords are used by a user during a search.  They will appear as the top result, and will be accordingly tagged as “ad”.

They will also typically appear on YouTube’s home page and as recommended videos on watch pages.

How Do Ads Show On A Video?

YouTube ads are shown to users according to personalized criteria that includes the types of videos that users typically watch, the types of apps or programs installed on the desktop or
mobile device from where videos are watched, the browsing habits of users, geographic location, age ranges, gender, and previous interactions with other advertising services owned by Google.

Perhaps the best part of YouTube ads is that it offers anyone the opportunity to advertise the way big companies advertised on TV way before YouTube became mainstream, but without the complicated setup and the need for fat advertising budgets, and with the added benefits of a larger, much more engaged audience and worldwide reach!

Exciting, right? Tune in for our following post, because next, we are going to tell you all about the benefits of using YouTube ads to grow your business!

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