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Video Ad Without Your Apperance

How to Create a Video Ad When You Don’t Want to Appear in It


All of the video info is helpful but how can you pull off creating video ads and reap the rewards if you don’t want to appear in a video? With the amazing technology available to create all sorts of video-based ads, you just need to think outside the box for a moment. Let’s look at a few options for video ads that you don’t need to appear in.

  • SlideShow Ads – You can use MS PowerPoint to create a slideshow, automate it, add music and a voice over to it and you have an awesome, easy to make video ad with images and information that you already have.
  • Screen Shots – Do you want to teach your audience how to do something in order to promote your online course? Give them a taste of your work in your ad. Teach them how to do something in 30 seconds or less by recording your screen. Then invite them to see more.
  • Animation Videos – You can use animation videos using cartoon-like characters to speak for you with a voice over. Also, sites like com allow you to create an animated spokesperson for your videos too.
  • Explainer Videos – You can make explainer videos that use drawings as VideoScribe.com does. In this case, you supply the slides, the voice over, and the software creates the hand you choose and draws out your video for you.
  • Hire a Model – You can also hire someone to be a spokesperson for your videos as well. For example, on com and WebsiteTalkingHeads.com, you can choose a spokesperson that will perform your script in front of a green screen. You can likely find someone on Fiverr.com as well who offers these services.

As you can see, you have many options for creating amazing, compelling, actionable video ads without ever having to appear on the video. You don’t even have to use your own voice if you don’t want to because you can hire voice over actors via Fiverr.com or a site like Voices.com.

Tips for Outsource Video Ad Creation

In most cases, it’s best for you to outsource video ad creation. The reason isn’t that you can’t do it yourself. You most certainly can, using the tips in this report. But, if this is not in your wheelhouse and not something you’re selling, then you want to focus more of your time on what makes you money and less on things that don’t. Use these tips to help you get the most from outsourcing.

  • Use Stock Footage – You can find stock video footage for sale online via a variety of websites like VideoHive.net. So, for example, if you want footage of a dog running and playing to market your pet vitamins you can find that here. But, don’t buy it until you hire the creative person who will put it together. Show them what you like and ask for their advice before buying it.
  • Use Stock Music – You can find royalty-free stock music as well at places like PremiumBeat.com to use in your video. Always check the licensing rules for any music you use whether paid or free before adding it to your video. Again, don’t buy the music until you know you want to use it. A lot of freelancers already have access to these things so you can just show them what you like and let them have some creative control as the expert.
  • Post on FB – Join groups that have virtual assistants, graphic designers, or any type of person you need to hire and post your need in the group. Post on your public page, your business page, and put a job opening on your website. Be very specific about what you want and what your budget is.
  • Try Fiverr.com – Sometimes com gets a bad rap. But, if you hire someone who has a high rating and is willing to pay slightly more than five bucks you can find some excellent talent who will give you exactly what you want and need for your video ads at a very fair and reasonable price.

In fact, let’s take a closer look at Fiverr and all that it offers by looking at some gigs that are there right now for you to take advantage of. Keep in mind that none of these gigs will only cost $5.00 today. But, you can find some awesome deals and great work if you’re careful to pick highly rated gigs.

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