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Examples of Compelling Video Ads


While you do not have to be in your video ads, you must make them compelling and persuade the viewer to trust you and give you (as well as your offer) a chance. To do this, simply create ads that resonate with your audience. Tap into their emotions and pain points to motivate them to take the action you suggest. Use powerful, compelling, or persuasive words and phrases that the viewer can relate to. The more your viewers can relate, the more likely they are to take the action you suggest.

Now that you know a little more about what makes video ads compelling, let’s look at a few different ad examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Examples of Facebook Video Ads

 This ad is compelling because of the words in the ad. If a person has a snoring problem, they’re going to take notice. The video is just 15 seconds of this man snoring with his CPAP machine on and very few words overlays to learn more to stop snoring and avoid divorce.

Facebook Ad with Person Talking & Demo Example

This ad has a nice lady demonstrating the pens so that you can learn how to do “bounce lettering.” She makes it look easy and fun. In addition, you get a discount. This ad is compelling because the audience can relate to it very well. In less than one minute, you learn a great deal about the pens as well as how to do the lettering.

Facebook Related Video Ads

The “Succulent Tips for Beginners” video ad was shown in the “Related Videos” section. This Facebook ad is shown because it is considered to be in the broad “hobby” niche as well. Keep in mind that Facebook’s sidebar ads get fewer clicks than in-stream video ads, but they can still increase your visibility.

YouTube Video Ad Example with Skip Option

The reason this ad is compelling is it begins with the premise is that any “normal person” can create lots of videos for their business via their Production Booth memberships. This “vote of confidence” plays on the reader’s ego, implies ease of use, as well as productivity and profit. When you click the video, you can’t get the prices without filling out their form and get on their list. This ad allows users to skip the remainder of the ad after viewing a few seconds of it.

YouTube Ad Example Without Skip Option

This video ad doesn’t give you the option to skip it. It explains how to use the headline analyzer in coschedule.com. It’s compelling because it addresses one of the top problems for online business owners, writing headlines that draw people in and motivate them to take action. The ad shows you how easy it is to analyze your headlines and fix issues, with their product.

Did you like or dislike these examples? Let me know if I need to improve my selection.

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