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Twitter Marketing Changing

How Twitter Marketing Is Changing

You’re probably aware of the social media platform Twitter and how popular it is, especially in certain genres (such as journalism, marketing, finance, etc.).  You’re also probably aware of the limits Twitter has when it comes to the number of characters you can put in your “tweets” – 140 characters.  Thus, this means that you need to keep your messages short and to the point in order to get maximum exposure from your messages.

Fortunately, Twitter will provide some help in the coming weeks (if they haven’t by the time you read this article).  Twitter plans to lengthen the number of characters you can put in your messages.  No, the character limit will stay at 140 characters; thus, you may be wondering how you can lengthen your messages?

Twitter plans to no longer count URL links and Twitter handles (which is how you identify someone on Twitter: @username) in the near future.  This will save significantly on the number of characters you use up, as you use up 23 characters in any link you post in your tweets, even if you use a URL shortener.  Twitter handles are normally 6-14 characters long, sometimes longer, so the characters can really add up.ittermarketingtwitter marketing

Thus, whereas you’d only have about 100 or so characters to compose your marketing message or content, you’ll have about 40-50 more characters to utilize soon.  What is the best way to go about using this extra space you’ll have in the near future?

Adding more quality content and details about your product, service, and/or business is a great place to start.  This includes in your marketing messages and in any/all replies to the questions you receive.  Be more specific in your tweets- don’t be afraid to provide a few extra details and benefits your potential customers can receive from your product or service.

Consider also combining more messages into fewer tweets.  Some Twitter users are not fond of having a constant barrage of tweets in their timelines; thus, you should attempt to get more information into fewer tweets.  With the less-restrictive character limit, you will be able to do this more easily in the near future.

Thus, be aware of the extra characters you will have to utilize on Twitter coming in the near future (if it isn’t there by the time you read this).  Take advantage of the extra space to put more solid content in your tweets and consider putting out more informative, less frequent tweets to ensure your followers know how your product/service/company can help them to reach their business and/or personal goals.


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