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Smart Social Media Tools and Resources


What makes smart marketers so smart? They know where to go for help and what tools to use to get things done correctly and efficiently. Smart marketers rely on social media tools and many different resources to help them meet their readers’ needs. If you want to be a smart marketer, try out some of these social media tools and resources.

PPC Tools & Resources

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising strategy where a marketer pays a fee each time their ad link is clicked. Some marketers have found this advertising model to be profitable and helpful, particularly when it comes to the stats and results. Others prefer to use this strategy in conjunction with other advertising methods, which allow you to reach a broader audience. If you want to try your hand with pay per click, check out these excellent tools to help you make the most of your efforts.

  • Google AdWords – This advertising service, offered by Google, enables small and large businesses to place ads on their network. People who join the Google Ad Network put the code on their sites. The keywords (ad words) you bid on trigger ads to appear. If someone clicks the ad, you pay for that lead.
  • Google Keyword Planner – When you create an Ad Words account, you will automatically get access to the Google Keyword Planner tool, even if you do not intend to run a Google ad campaign. This tool will come in handy to help you find and discover new keywords to use on any platform, in your copy, and for running any PPC ads anywhere.
  • WordStream.com – This is not just a PPC tool but also an SEO tool. Their suite of tools offers a keyword niche finder, suggestion tool, and more. You can use this tool by starting with what you think are good keywords and it will generate more for you.
  • Google Search – A great way to come up with keywords and keyword phrases for PPC is to simply type in what you’d look for on Google Search and it will recommend searches based on what others have typed into the search box.
  • SEMRush.com – This tool helps you discover new keywords to help you become more profitable. It helps you learn why or not what you’re now doing is working or not. You can understand your competitors, and find new keywords to use for PPC that get results.

These PPC tools will help you find more keywords. It’s good to use more than one tool so that you can compare results. If you want to become an expert, you can join the PPC Academy to learn how to make efforts more profitable and become a PPC rock star.

SEO Tools & Resources

Search engine optimization is important because this is how you can make your website or blog attractive to not only search engines but to your audience. SEO includes many strategies and techniques to help increase the number of visitors or hits you get to your website. If you use the right tactics, the traffic will not only increase but also it will be targeted and convert higher. The following tools & resources will help you make the most of search engine optimization.

  • Plugins – Many plugins can help with SEO if you use a self-hosted WordPress website. One of the best SEO plugins is the Yoast SEO for WordPress. They offer different SEO plugins for different needs such as video, local, news and more.
  • Headline GeneratorSumoMe.com offers an amazing headline generator. Headlines are very important for good SEO. You want the headline to be interesting, use keywords in the first three words, and be a direct indicator of what they’ll read when they click through.
  • Browser Extensions – Numerous browser extensions can help you with SEO. Moz Pro offers a lot of robust SEO tools and browser extensions that will improve your SEO exponentially. Another good one is Check My Links for Chrome. Broken links can mess up your SEO.
  • SEOLyc.com – If you want great insights that work with and improves upon Google Analytics this is what you need. It studies and gives you data that you can act on to improve.
  • Authorityspy.com – It’s important to keep tabs on your competition and this platform allows you to do just that. If you want to find influencers, this is the way to do it.
  • BuzzStream.com – Use this cloud-based platform to find influencers, manage relationships, and conduct amazingly accurate and helpful research to help improve SEO.

One of the best resources for learning about SEO is Search Engine Land. Here you can learn about the newest techniques and tools to make your SEO the best it can be.

Social Media Tools & Resources

No smart marketer does anything these days without using social media. The following tools and resources can help you design your social media efforts around what works. Using tools that make everything easier, and techniques and tactics that get results makes you a seriously smart marketer.

  • Social Media Information Resources – One of the ways that you can learn and keep up to date with what’s new in social media marketing is to read everything you can. Sites like SocialMediaToday.com and SocialMediaExaminer.com can help you learn almost everything you need to know.
  • Help With Visuals – One of the most important parts of your social media updates are using appropriate imagery. You can create them by using tools like Canva.com, Pixlr.com, Gimp.org, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Affinity Photo for MAC and more will help you make great images. You can also use Colorzilla.com a handy color analyzer plugin for Chrome to help get the colors right.
  • Automatization – Hootsuite.com, SocialSprout.com, Buffer.com, Tweetdeck.com are all excellent automation suites that you can use to help make managing all your social media easier and more effective.
  • SocialBlade.com – This website is an awesome way to study your competition on YouTube.com. You can find out how much any channel is earning as well as many other statistics.
  • StockUnlimited.com – This stock photo website is amazing and right now is offering lifetime subscriptions for stock photos.
  • Stockfresh.com – This stock photo site also offers images that can be used on your blog and in social media updates.

Using the right social media tools can help you stop wasting time and effort on things that aren’t working and focus on what is working.

Content Marketing Tools & Resources

To be great at social media marketing, you also have to be great at content marketing. Thankfully, so many tools and resources will help you get the most out of content marketing.

  • Posting Tools – A plugin called Edit Flow allows you to collaborate with others. It includes a calendar, custom statuses, editorial comments, editorial metadata, notifications, story budget, user groups and more.
  • Automation – You should be careful about using any type of automation for engagement, but you can get things started by automatically sharing blog posts to your social media using a plugin like NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster.
  • Plagiarism Checkers – One thing you have to be careful about online is duplicate content and plagiarism. You can use cloud-based services like Grammarly.com or Copyscape.com. If you use WordPress, there is a plugin for that from Small SEO Tools that will check every post you want to publish for issues.
  • Grammarly.com – This app is awesome. You can get a free version that will plug into your browser and your MS Word software. You can upgrade to a monthly or yearly version that will check for deeper issues such as plagiarism.
  • Hemingwayapp.com – This handy free cloud-based app is amazing. It’s different from some of the other writing helpers. This will help you make your writing a lot better, get rid of common issues such as the use of passive voice.

Content marketing is a huge part of social media marketing. A great place to learn all you can about content marketing is The Content Marketing Institute. Another one is Copy Blogger. Keep up to date on content marketing with both of these informative websites.

Awesome WP Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins for you to check out. The rule of thumb for selecting a plugin is to choose one with good ratings that are also frequently updated. When you decide you want to try out a plugin, make sure you only test one new plugin at a time.

Check out these to get started:

  • Revive Old PostsThis plugin lets you choose the time between posts, which posts to share, and allows you to use certain hashtags.
  • Social Share Buttons by Supsystic – You need social share buttons that are prominent and encourage people to share. You can customize the placement and design of the buttons to make them stand out.
  • Social Share and Social Locker – If you want to increase social traffic this plugin will help. It offers more than one aspect of society so that you can make it easy for people to share, plus make it easy to get more traffic.
  • Instagram Feed WD– If you want to share your Instagram content on your WordPress blog, this is a great plugin to accomplish that.
  • Blog2Social–You can use this plugin to customize, schedule and publish blog posts automatically to all your social networks.
  • Click to Tweet – This plugin works great to let your audience Click to Tweet various quotes from your blog. It’s a great way to share content and bring people back to your blog.

Trying a multitude of plugins and resources will help you make social media marketing fun, easy and effective.

Analytic Tools & Resources

They say nothing is done until the paperwork is done. When it comes to marketing, nothing is done until you’ve studied the metrics. These tools and resources will help you keep the numbers straight so that you can improve your bottom line.

  • Google Analytics – Google Webmaster tools are amazing and honestly, if you want to you can use only that and do great. You need someone who knows how to use the system to make it work for you. They have great tutorials and information to help you learn it.
  • Openwebanalytics.com – This open-source analytics dashboard can be installed on your website. This dashboard allows you to identify where your visitors came from and more. It even has support for WordPress.
  • Clicky.com – This real-time way to monitor and analyze your traffic will make you fall in love with your blog again. Getting to see everything in real-time is exciting. Share a link to your content on social media and you can watch the traffic come in.
  • Likealyzer.com – This analytic marketing tool, specifically for Facebook, checks four of the most important metrics associated with social media business success – presence, dialogue, action, and information. Aside from providing statistics, this tool gives you recommendations of how to increase your score and get better results.
  • Buzzumo.com – This analytics software enables you to find out which type of content is doing better on your blog.

Using these tools and others will help you become a better social media marketer. You don’t need to use every single one. Try out a few to find out what works best for your needs and goals. If you want to learn more about social media analytics, you can take a course at MediaBistro.com.

Using the right tools can make all the difference in your ability to succeed with social media marketing. If you know who your audience is, what your goals are, and you get the word out to as many people as possible with targeted content and well-composed calls to action, you’ll be successful.

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