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The Video Generation Is Here


The Video Generation for Social Media


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net? Let that sink in a little. Now, imagine what that means for your current and future marketing strategies. As videos become easier to create and view, it’s even more important to include videos in your marketing plan.

Every business, even the smallest one-person business, can use video to provide information, spread the word about products or services, explain difficult concepts, and get more followers. If you want to use video in your business, you’re in the right place to learn how to make the most of this form of content.

Tips to Stand Out On Video


Video can be intimidating. If you are an introvert or are unfamiliar with the camera, you might find it difficult to embrace video marketing. But, as you learn how to set everything up you’ll gain more confidence. You want to ensure that you have great lighting, an interesting background, good sound quality, and the right content. You also want to ensure that if you’re appearing in the video that you not only look great but that your image translates well for your branding.

  • Background – What you put in the put in the background is important. People are easily distracted and you want them to focus on what you are saying or highlighting. Try to stay away from busy, bright, bold, excessively colorful, and moving items, like an aquarium in the background. This is important, especially if you are recording indoors or in an interview style.
  • Lighting – Use natural lighting to ensure that your video looks the best. You can do that by setting the stage so that you face towards a window that allows bright filtered or soft light through. You may want to purchase a good lighting system specifically for filming or recording, like a Diva Ring. Depending on your situation, style, or topic, you may also consider making the recording outside.
  • Sound – You’ll need to practice with your sound equipment to make sure you can be heard. You can buy separate pieces of sound equipment for your mobile device, camera, or your computer depending on how you’re setting up everything.
  • Appearance – Your appearance matters. Remember, you are the face of your business. The way you look impacts how viewers perceive your business. Neat, well-groomed, professional, knowledgeable, up-to-date, friendly, unpretentious, and honest are just a few impressions you want to convey to your viewers. So, dress and speak accordingly while maintaining your unique personality.
  • Content – Although the video has great visual appeal, viewers also want to hear your voice and the information you share. Script and organize your video to maximize the quality of your information, product, or service. Sequence information and instructions in a way that makes it easy for viewers to take action.
  • Intros & Exits – Don’t forget to make the video stand out by using additional visuals or audios within the video. At the very least, include intros and sign-off or end sections.

These are good places to incorporate music or sounds and images since they also help you to brand the video and make it memorable.

When it comes to standing out, it’s not about gimmicks or putting on a show, while you pretend to be something you are not. The key is to be yourself and allow viewers insight into your unique personality. Help people to see you for who you are, including your faults and all. In a world where many people feel that they have to be perfect, it’s refreshing to be able to identify and connect with people who are always “real.”

What Differentiates Each Network


Each social network has characteristics that differentiate it from the other networks. Let’s take a closer look at video-friendly social media sites and discuss how you can use each to your advantage.

YouTube Live & YouTube Videos


Live broadcasts can do a lot to boost viewer interaction and engagement with followers and fans, as well as community and tribe members. People really do love seeing you explain and share things. It makes them feel more connected to you and trust you more.Google has made changes, including some involving

YouTube and Google Hangouts. In short, Google+ Hangouts on Air is merging into YouTube Live. With the move, a few changes are taking place.


YouTube Live is a great way to do “behind the scenes” and “a day in the life” type of videos, among other things. However, YouTube Live does not support Q & A or the showcase feature as Hangouts on Air did. Recorded videos are a great way to do demonstrations, informative videos, and other “how to” videos. YouTube is a community that you should get to know.

To stand out on YouTube it’s important to build your community by providing content on a regular basis. This can be easily done by uploading various types of informative videos interspersed with live events. Plus, don’t forget to include a well-branded opening to every recorded event, plus a good ending that includes your call to action (CTA). Your CTA will be very important on YouTube and YouTube Live.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your live event in advance. The rule of thumb is at least 48 hours in advance of your event. Promotion for everything you do is important. If you create recorded or live videos, you need to tell people about them if you want viewers.



Periscope is a very popular live streaming app. In fact, some marketers use Periscope live streaming solely to engage with their followers. It’s very important that you understand how Periscope works before you abandon other platforms.

Check out your competition, come up with a new topic or twist, and then go for it. Remember that Periscope users are usually young people under the age of 34. You can use Periscope for live Q & A’s, how to’s, and connecting with your audience. Connecting with them on a more personal level will help you to increase leads and sales.

With Periscope, the best way to engage your audience is to conduct several Periscopes each week or on a daily basis. The more you can interact on Periscope the better. Periscope is generally less structured than some other live events. You’ll need to promote your Periscope in advance with a dependable airing schedule.

To stand out on Periscope create the mood and set the scene by starting your scope by pointing at something interesting before you appear on the screen. If this is a set scene so much the better, as it will help with creating a brand for your scopes.

You’ll also need to learn how to multi-task. Periscope isn’t quite that user-friendly yet. It’s difficult at times to read the comments and answer questions while keeping your broadcast looking as professional as possible. Some people choose to ignore the comments but if you can call out people who make comments it will thrill your audience and make you stand out. Most of all, be yourself and have fun.

Facebook Live

An exciting addition to “live” video platforms is Facebook Live. This is fabulous for people who have very active groups and pages with many followers. To stand out on Facebook Live you need to tell your friends and followers when you’ll be live to build anticipation. You can also do seemingly surprise live events.

Try not to use wireless to go live on Facebook. Your connection will make a huge difference. If your wireless connection is very dependable and strong, it may work well but be hard-wired into the net is usually your best option. Post awesome descriptions of what the topic will be about so that your audience will be pumped up about the event.

During videos and shares, be sure to tell them that you’ll be doing live events. Encourage them to activate their notifications or sign up for your newsletter so they won’t miss a thing. You may also want to let them know that you’ll occasionally have live events on short notice.

When hosting a live Facebook event, trying to read comments and answer questions during the event can be overwhelming for one person. Ask your audience to submit questions a week before the event, as well as after the event. You can answer a few questions during the live session and call out people who are watching live.

Facebook Live supports up to 90 minutes of live video. Stand out by keeping your openings and closings interesting and consistent with your brand. For example, set up an opening and closing that helps your views know what to expect and what to do next.



Snapchat is all about sharing short content, which usually includes videos and photos. One great way to stand out is to link individual snaps together to create your brand story. Your story is the best way for you to stand apart from the crowd with Snapchat. So, follow these tips to create an amazing brand story for Snapchat.

Keep each snap for your story short. The entire story should be relatively short. At the most, you want your story to be between 1 and 2 minutes

long. Each time you create a snap, be sure to send it to your friends so they know something new has been posted.

When using Snapchat, it’s important that you talk directly to the camera. Snapchat is a more up close and personal type of live video than found on other sites. Since people view Snapchat on their mobile devices, the video appears with a portrait or vertical orientation, rather than with a horizontal or wide image.

Learning how to compose visuals and highlight/edit video is very important in Snapchat. You also want to make sure that you respond to comments. Sending snaps directly to people, who have sent them to you, and calling people out helps you to attract more attention, as well as promote your items or services.



Instagram is a visual network where members share videos and images with each other. Much of the interaction cannot be automated, like some other social media. For example, even if you use a service like SocialSprout.com or Buffer.com to automate posting updates to Instagram, you still have to push out the post live with your mobile device.

Instagram has a very active and loyal audience. The users are dedicated and the Instagram stars typically focus most of their efforts on Instagram to become “famous.” This social media site works best with visual niches. But, if you’re creative, you can turn almost any niche into a visual extravaganza. Images on

Instagram is supposed to be amazing and almost like eye-candy to the audience.

Even graphics or image novices can create amazing visuals with

tools such as Canva or Adobe Creative Suite. You can even outsource some images. But, you want to include yourself in many of the images and really engage with your followers.

Instagram is always updating and changing so keep up to date on the platform so you can stand out. For example, you can now access Instagram on your desktop even though you cannot yet push out images via your desktop but only on a mobile device. That could change and you should be aware of that at all times.

Post what your audience wants to see while encouraging engagement with your audience. You may want to host contests, post your audience’s content, ask questions, allow Instagram to show your location when you make posts. Keep in mind that you should post regularly and learn when your audience usually sees your posts. This allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategies as well as discover what your viewers like and want most.

Be sure to tag people who are in your videos. You may also tag or notify people who may be especially interested in a particular item. Use the correct hashtags and use them often because on Instagram users can click on hashtags to find out more information about that keyword.

Remember, your images and videos should tell a story. This helps people to discover you.

Videos are very powerful conversion tools. With a variety of ways to create, use, and share video, it is proving to be a viable option for large and small businesses. If you haven’t added video marketing to your line-up, you may want to get started soon, especially since the video generation is beginning to make important buying decisions.

Most of the major social media platforms support video in some way, whether it is with a feature that is directly on the site or with additional apps to make video sharing easy. In fact, several social media platforms cater, almost exclusively, to video producers and viewers. With this amount of growing support and demand for videos, adding and profiting from videos is a cinch.

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