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Success Secret On Social Media Is

The Secret to Success on Social Media Is…

And the secret to success on social media is

Being social in real life!

This might come as a surprise. It goes against conventional wisdom. But it is entirely true and it will help you get ahead much quicker. Are there other ways you can build a massive audience on Twitter , Facebook and other social media sites? Sure, but they all take much longer and are far less guaranteed.

Think about the people who are most successful on social media already. Who are they? Most of them are celebrities. This is obviously because they are in the spotlight already. But is it? Because if you look a little further, you’ll find that producers, executives and others in that world are also big on social media.

So why is that? Simple: it’s because they’re rubbing shoulders with the massive influencers. They’re in that world. And if you’re in the in crowd, it is very easy to see your content explode as it gets shared and liked by all the right people, or as your channel gets recommended by other top producers.

That might sound cynical. It might sound like it echoes the somewhat cynical notion that the easiest way to get ahead in life is to go to a university like Harvard where you make the right contacts and the opportunities just throw themselves at you.

Maybe, but it’s also true.

But here’s the good news: if you’re not already ‘in’ that crowd, there are still ways you can get around it.

Right now, if you message Richard Branson and asked for him to promote your latest product he would not answer you. He might if you were friends with Bill Gates, but you’re not, so that’s a different story.

But if you knew Richard Branson, then he would almost feel obligated to at least respond to your Tweet. If he had met you in person, it would be different.

Now, you’re not going to find it all that easy to meet Richard Branson in person or to begin moving in those circles. But what you can do, is to start moving in the outer circles. You can rub shoulders with people who are little bigger than you.

How? You do this by going to social events. You do it by going to networking events and events thrown by Facebook for its smaller influencers.

Socializing in real life builds real connections. And real connections are worth much more – even on social media!

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