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Smart Strategies for Engaging Your Audience During Live Stream Video

Smart Strategies for Engaging Audience During Live  Video


Live video is becoming more and more popular, but how do you get people to attend, and to keep watching all the way to the end? One of the best ways is to plan a range of activities that will encourage your audience to engage with you so everyone feels they’ve gotten something out of watching and have not wasted their time.

Why go live?

One of the main questions to keep in mind when deciding to live stream is why it should be live. If you could just as easily pre-record the content and upload it, chances are it doesn’t need to be live. On the other hand, if you are going to show your audiences something unique and engage with them, then you should be live. What kinds of activities will get them to engage? Here are a few suggestions:

Questions and answers

Accept questions from the comments feed and do your best to answer them. Mention viewers by name so viewers know the questions are real.

Use surprise and suspense

Ever notice where they put the commercials in TV shows? Each show segment ends with a “cliffhanger” just before the break in order to encourage people to keep watching. You can do the same thing in a number of ways. You can ask questions and delay answering them. Give people a chance to type the answer in, and perhaps even offer a spot prize.

Make them guess what will happen next. Set up games, challenges, or giveaways during the live stream as well to keep things fun and interesting. Be sure you have various winners even if one person is banging out all the answers. It’s only fair to people who type more slowly.

strategies for live stream videos

Comments and feedback

Have spot surveys and polls. This will make your viewers feel valued and part of your community. If you then come out with products they have voted as most useful for them, they will also see that you value their opinion. They will also be more likely to buy the item when you launch it.

Audience participation

When launching a new product, get real customers to join in and use the product. Live demonstrations are always popular because seeing is believing. Getting demos from the audience will make the product even more credible in the eyes of your audience as a real solution to a challenge they have been having.

Keep it lively

As long as you are on the air, keep things interesting with various activities. People’s attention spans are short, but quick contests and never before seen items can keep things ticking over.

Share with them, so they will share with you

Show you are a real person (or your staff is) by telling a story, such as a challenge you faced in your life and how you overcame it. Consider taking calls, or accepting emails that can then be shared in a future program. This will build a sense of community and each show will be unique.

Take them into the heart of a live event

For example, if you are at a conference, or interviewing someone, allow them to ask for more information, or give you some questions to ask your guest.

Ask them to share hints and tips

You’re never going to have all the answers. But again, a shared sense of community will make your live videos exciting and keep people interested.

Hope this helps.  What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Speak your mind.


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