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Starter Topics for Live Stream

10 Topic Starters for Your Next Live Stream


So you’ve started streaming videos live on YouTube and Facebook. Congratulations. But now you already find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for your next video. Not to worry. Here are 10 ways to get creative and produce the kind of videos your audience will love.

1-A product launch video

Every new product or service you launch should be given the chance to shine with a launch campaign which will include a live look at it in action. Interviews, demonstrations and a quick start guide are all good material for a live video. Taking questions and offering special discounts will make it an event that will impress. Create a special landing page for the live video offer. Once the live event is over, change the page so the product is at the regular price. This will give people more of a reason to attend a live video by you in the future—they don’t want to miss out.


Show you are real people, and how you help others, with fun and interesting behind the scenes videos. Show off the products and services you have created and talked about how you came up with the ideas, give a sneak peek into what you are working on now, and chat with staff. Viewers will feel like they know you and will develop a bond with your brand.

3-Sharing stories

Everyone has at least one interesting story to tell as to how they got to this point in their lives. Allow staff to tell their stories of problems solved and lessons learned. Or ask customers to join in on your video.

4-Groundbreaking interviews

Partner with people working in the same niche or industry. You can interview them, and they can interview you. You will soon have a series of unrehearsed, live videos you can then use as a giveaway, or a product to sell. Best of all, the people you work with will promote the live video to their followers via email, social media and so on, for even more attendees.

5-Offer unboxing videos

This trend became huge in the past few years, with people unboxing literally everything in front of their cameras. This is a great way to provide value to your followers because they get to see exactly what they can expect and how high the quality is. If you are selling digital products, unbox each item you are offering as part of your package. The fact that the video is live means seeing is believing.

6-How-to videos

Around 75% of people go on YouTube to search for how-to type videos. Make sure they are interesting and that you are doing everything in sequence step by step.

7-Q and A videos

Make the most of the interactivity of live video with questions and answers. Decide on a topic, and plan to give a brief presentation with about 5 hints and tips. At the end of the presentation, take questions from the comments that will appear on the video page. If you end up with a lot of questions but are running out of time, promise a follow-up video to answer more.

8-Cooking recipes

Doing recipes live in real time can be invaluable for showing people how to cook from scratch themselves. You can have one or two you prepared earlier, but showing the process and giving tips about how you work should keep people watching.

9-Tutorials (such as hair and makeup)

Both men and women watch these and create them. Doing it in real time can be more exciting because your audience will see exactly what you are doing, with nothing left out.

10-Video Contests

This idea has the potential to generate a lot of buzzes if you organize it correctly. You can get contestants on to answer questions about your niche. You can award spot prize for useful feedback in the comments section.

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