Is Social Media Strategy Based ?

Social Media Strategy Based?

According to the tip you can increase your brainpower by using social media.  Is social media strategy based you ask>  I say it is because don’t you want mor followers, market for your product, and subscribers?  It may not be a board game like checkers or chess, but it definitely is strategy based.

Can you  show me how it is not a strategy?  I am sure that a portion of  you readers disagree.  Who are you and why do you believe what you do?  You must have some reasons.  Those of you who believe as I do that it’s a strategy I would like to hear your reasons also.

People, companies, and corporations  all over the world scramble daily to create the best Facebook ad to sell their product.  They make videos on YouTube, and Vimeo to gain subscribers to their list, or sales for their product.If you are on LinkedIn maybe you are looking for employment which is a great strategy.

Everyday of your life is a strategy.  You want to look your best because someone is interested in you or you want to impress someone.  You go to work where you try to out do fellow employees in ord er to get more money.  Neighbors always trying to make their home better than their neighbor.

I want to hear from you if you agree or not.  Your opinion is important, so why don’t you express it? Just drop in here at leave us your opinion.  It is not that hard and we want to hear from you kand would appreciate it.



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