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SEO Competition on YouTube

YouTube SEO Competition


Hello and welcome back, this is Video #2. So let’s talk about Competitive Research.

You see, the best way to understand how you can rank better is to know what is already ranking in your niche or your market. So what we want to do here is we want to analyze the videos that are on the top. And I want you to specifically look at what titles, what descriptions are they using, and what thumbnails are they using that are eye-catching. And what is the user experience like when you click through those videos? So let’s go ahead and do some competitive research.

So for the sake of making sure that we find YouTube videos that actually relate to promoting a product, what I want to do now is just to pick a product out of the blue, and let’s take a look at YouTube. So one product that I’ve been using for a while now, which has been really awesome, is called the Instant Pot. It’s basically a pressure cooker that cooks food at a really fast rate. So what we are going to do is we are going to hop on over to YouTube.com and we are going to type in Instant Pot and see what we get.

I am not going to click enter just yet, because I am interested in getting an idea of what kind of potential keywords that we could rank on, or what potential videos that we can create. And we will talk more about this in the next video, but for now, let’s just do some basic keyword brainstorming and then, of course, do some competitive research.

So Instant Pot, we’ve got Instant Pot recipes, we’ve got Instant Pot ribs, Instant Pot roast. So let’s just click here and see what we get. Now, we can see How To Use Instant Pot has 316.000 views, right here. Instant Pot Chicken, Top 6 Easiest Thinking to Cook in Your Instant Pot – Perfect For Beginners.

Let’s just take a look at the top 3. So let’s go ahead and open those up, and let’s analyze them. So the first one is this one here. And let’s pause the video, we will skip the ad. Ok, so How To Use the Instant Pot – Instant Pot 101 for Beginners.

If we think about the type of audience that the Instant Pot attracts – it attracts somebody who has a busy life, who is maybe a beginner at cooking, and just wants a quick and easy meal done fast. So we can see that, so one thing that I like to do is I like to copy the titles to Notepad, just kind of get an idea of what we are dealing with.

So that’s the title, it looks like she is promoting an Amazon affiliate link, we can see that here, amzn.to, we’ve got Instant Pot Hacks, Instant Pot Yogurt, and all that. So what she is doing is very funny, she may not realize she is doing this, but what she is using is a method called soloing, and she is basically telling YouTube hey, not only do I have this video on Instant Pot, I’ve got Instant Pot Hacks, Yogurt, recipes, and other recipes.

So let’s just copy that in here, so that’s Video #1, so we are going to rank it from Video #1, Video #2 and Video #3. Let’s scroll down a bit, we’ve got 373 comments. I will say when it comes to YouTube they are looking for engagement, so comments are good, likes are good, even dislikes are good as well.

Even though dislikes are bad from a human standpoint, it tells YouTube that there is engagement. So sometimes we are going to be able to view – I can’t do it here, but sometimes you will actually be able to view more data, but for now, you can’t here. Now, we can actually dig deeper if we want to. So let’s just take a look at Naturally Brittany’s YouTube channel, because when you are doing completive research on YouTube, it’s not just that particular video, is actually the whole YouTube channel as a whole, the authority that that channel holds.

So she has 116.000 subscribers, click on the videos, she has a good amount of videos that talk about anything, it looks like from cooking, from budgeting, from groceries, a lot of very similar videos. So let’s scroll down, and now let’s go ahead and take a look at the second highest ranking video. So if we go back over to here, this is the Instant Pot Chicken Cook With Me, Meal Planning, Meal Prepping, Sunday Setup.

So let’s go here, take a look. Let’s see here. So it’s a 20-minute video, and it has 658 likes, 5000 views, if we take a look at this video here, this has 320.000 views and 7000 likes. Now, notice how it says 13 minutes here, and notice how it says 20 minutes here.

We will go back to this later on. So we will talk more about why a certain amount of time of your video is important, why the timing is important, and why is it that this lady has only 5000 views, whereas the other lady has 300.000, and this lady is ranked right below that lady. So why is that important, and why does that correlate to the time. So we will talk more about that later on.

But for now, let’s just do competitive research, we are not trying to figure things out right now, and go from there. So if we take a look at the description, it says cook with me as I try a new recipe with Instant Pot.

So the description contains the keyword. Sunday Setup, looks like she’s got some Amazon links, and if we think about Instant Pot, who could it be targeting, alright? So this lady calls out people who are trying to prep on Sunday. So if we can get an idea of who it’s targeting, it’s targeting mothers, it’s targeting people who are busy, who maybe only have time on Sundays to set things up.

And chicken is a common thing, so maybe she is getting a lot of clicks. We don’t know exactly, but we know that the headline and the description work together in getting the click.

Alright, back over here. This is the third one, so let’s take a look at this one. So this one is 8 minutes, but it has a lot more views than those other two videos, but it’s shorter. It’s shorter, but it has longer [meta] views as the third. It’s got 11.000 likes and 633 dislikes.

If we scroll down, we can see that it has more comments then the first one. So why is it that the first one is #1, and this one is the third one and it has more views and more comments? We don’t know exactly why, but I have a hunch as to why that is, which we will talk more about ranking and what Google and YouTube are looking for, later down the road. So that’s that, let’s just copy that title, and I am going to go ahead and pause this video, and we will copy and paste that information to the Notepad.

Ok, so I went ahead and copy and paste the information, so this is Video #1, this is Video #2, and this is Video #3 down below. So let me make this bigger, so we have this information. So as we are kind of analyzing the competitor, we want to save this for later, but can you kind of see a similarity here?

So this is calling out the target audience, this is calling out the people who are busy essentially, and top 6 ways, top X ways, a top certain number of ways is always a good title, so perfect for beginners. So if you can imagine, we already see that this title has beginners, this one is calling out perfect for beginners, and this one essentially is calling out people who are busy.

So it’s a target audience, so that’s key. So having this in hand gives you a better idea on what potential titles and descriptions that you can have. Now, you can do some deeper dive competitive research using specific tools, and one specific tool is called Social Blade.

So socialblade.com as you can see here, and I like to use this to kind of get a better idea of the YouTube channel as a whole, because what you are trying to figure out is did this person ranked because of their channel as a whole has a lot of traffic, or did this person ranked simply because of the title and the description? So there are many factors that are involved, but let’s take a look at Naturally Brittany.

So let’s go ahead and copy this, and you basically want to come here and type in the username of the YouTube channel. So go ahead and click this here. Ok, so we can see here that this is Naturally Brittany, 116.000 subscribers.

She’s got 19 million video views. So that kind of gives us an idea of how easy it is to break through. Is it easy, is it going to take a little bit of work or what? So let’s just go ahead and open her up, and let’s do the same thing with the other videos.

So this one is Marriage & Motherhood, you have that here, so she has 7 million video views, so it’s about half of what we saw earlier. And this one is called Six Sisters’ Stuff. And this one has about 9 million video views.

So right off the bat, we can see that if we were to rank on the keyword Instant Pot, is going to make a lot to break through. But the way we can break through is by using essentially subcategories of that keyword.

So Instant Pot recipes or Instant Pot chicken recipe, stuff like that. So we can see that each one of these has about a 100.000 to 200.000 subscribers, so you are going to have to be competing against that. Now, obviously, if you have a good size YouTube channel, that would usually mean that you can break through fairly easily. But if you are just starting out, then breaking through on that keyword is going to be a little bit more difficult.

So the next question is What keywords should you use? And we will discuss that in the next video.

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