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Repurposing Your Live Stream Content For Traffic

Reusing and Repurposing Your Live Stream Content


So your live stream is now over. What next? Well, quite a lot if you are willing to take the time to reuse it and repurpose it in order for your video to keep bringing in traffic, subscribers and sales. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can accomplish this without a lot of extra work.

Making the most of recordings

When the live stream is over on YouTube and Facebook, the video will be archived. Download the video from Facebook, for example, and upload it to YouTube. Be sure to give a keyword-rich title, description, and tags. Both sites will allow you to stream for up to 4 hours.

Use your outline

For every video, create an outline of talking points. Add these to your description, for even more keywords. Include timestamps if you can to make the video more accessible to your audience.

Post excerpts on Instagram

Extract a few of the best parts of the video and post them as Instagram stories. Note that they will only show on your account for 24 hours unless you make the video a highlight. They will be saved in your Memory, though, so you can re-post them at a future date if you wish.

Post excerpts on Twitter

Use Twitter Live and the Periscope app to post excerpts there, as well.

Get a transcript

Hire a transcription service to transcribe the words on the video. Then use the file to create blog posts, handouts and more.

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Extract the audio

Separate out the audio part of the video and use it for podcasts and even audiobooks. If you plan to do this, make sure you have images that can illustrate the file. Don’t talk for too long about anything which needs to be seen in a video rather than heard in the audio. Post the audio files on SoundCloud or iTunes. A series of podcasts could be just what you need to build your audience.

Sell the videos

Turn the archived videos into unlisted ones. Then use the embed code to put them into pages at your site or blog. Make them exclusive content that people have to pay for, such as by buying a set of your videos, or adding them to a membership site.

Package them as part of a multimedia course

Ebooks and multimedia courses are selling well online. A course with video will command a much higher price than a simple ebook. Add video notes, create a workbook, checklists and other handouts, and your videos can be transformed into a course your target audience will be eager to buy and download.

Turn them into a coaching program or course

Create a series of how to videos and sell them as part of a coaching program. Create a course on Udemy, Skillshare, or similar sites.

Turn them into a lead magnet

It can be tough to get subscribers to your email marketing lists. Try something different and offer them a video as an incentive to sign up. You could give them one video up front, or offer a free ecourse with the video broken up into lessons. The more email lessons you send, the more chance you have of selling products by including links within the emails.


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