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Quick Response To Social Media Required

Quick Response To Social Media Or Your Reputation Suffers

As you likely know, social media is a major part of most people’s lives in our world today.  Virtually everyone is on one or more social networking platforms and visit them every day, often more than once per day.  Facebook is the most popular, but more people are going to other social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

Even more pertinent is the fact that many businesses are also going onto these social networking platforms.  They are consistently putting out content on a daily or every-other-day basis.  They are also there on those platforms to respond to questions and/or complaints that appear on these platforms that pertain to their businesses.

This is why you need to be on social networks; if you’ve been slow to respond to the social media craze or think that social media doesn’t apply to your business, you are absolutely WRONG!  Worse than being wrong, your business and reputation are likely sufferings, without you even knowing it until now.

That is because whether your business has an active social media presence or now, your competitors are likely already on those platforms, connecting with potential customers that could have been yours.  Yet, you will not get those customers if you aren’t connecting with them on social media.

This is even more apparent by the fact that more and more people are connecting with people and companies on social media through their smartphones.  And, as you are likely aware, people have their smartphones with them ALL of the time.  This is especially true of the younger generations, particularly millennials (usually listed as 18- to 34-year-olds) and GenZers (anyone under the age of 18).  These generations are going to gain more purchasing power in the coming years (especially GenZers), so it is absolutely vital that you get on social media NOW.

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Keep in mind that any complaints about your company, product, or service will likely appear in the form of posts made on various social media sites.  People will alert family, friends, and followers of your poor product or service, and if you’re not on social media to learn of the complaint and to address it, your reputation will suffer, as will your profits.

Keep in mind as well that with people having smartphones by their sides at all times, you must be quick to respond on social media, whether it’s questions or complaints.  If you take forever (i.e. days) to respond to someone, your business’ reputation will suffer.  Note that several polls and studies have shown that people expect a response on social media within a matter of hours, sometimes as little as an hour.  Thus, you do not have long to respond- you must be ready to respond right away to any questions or complaints – ignoring them or getting around to them on your schedule is NOT an acceptable option.

This is why it is no longer optional to be on social media; if you have a business (i.e. sell a product or service) in 2016, you MUST be on social media – there is no getting around it.  If you are not on social media, chances are that your competitors are and/or your company is being talked about, even if you’re not on it.  Thus, you’re losing out on chances to gain new customers, plus your reputation is likely suffering due to not being on social media.

If you thought social media doesn’t apply to your business, you’re WRONG.  Get on one or more platforms right away (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at a bare minimum, then branch out to Instagram and Snapchat over time), learn how they work, and get “social” with your customers and followers to maintain and boost your reputation.

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