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Profiting From Your Services

The New Fiverr – How to Profit from Your Services


A lot of people still have the idea that everything on Fiverr.com is only five bucks. But, the truth is that is only the base price. It is true when Fiverr first started everything was only five bucks, then they started testing with some prolific sellers with ways to make gigs better with upselling and gig add-ons. This benefited sellers, buyers and Fiverr. Sellers, due to being able to make more money, buyers due to having more choices and Fiverr, due to the additional revenue it brought to the company.

Some service providers are turned off by the very idea of Fiverr. They think that they won’t make enough money, or that people who will hire them via Fiverr, are undervaluing their services. However, if you plan strategically, you can use Fiverr to build an amazingly profitable service-based business. It starts with building your product funnel, starting with a basic five dollar offer and then culminates with adding on valuable extras to make your gig even better and more profitable.

All Fiverr gigs start with the “Regular Gig” which has a base price of Five Dollars. In order to make the right type of base gig, ensure it’s something your audience needs and wants and that you can do it quickly, in no more than five to 10 minutes and that you can do multiples of the offer in an hour without a problem.

How Much You Can Earn with Fiverr

When you first heard about Fiverr you may have felt offended. But, in reality, you should be excited. People are earning a lot of money on Fiverr. You can check for yourself to see how much people are earning by simply looking at some of the High Rating and top-selling gigs. The minimum amount that someone is making is 4 dollars per gig, but if they have add-ons they are likely making much more. So anything you figure out is likely just a guess, but some people are making as much as $10,000 a week with the right Fiverr gig.

Between normal gigs, gig extras and custom offers you can boost your income above that 4 dollars per gig. For example, if you offer business writing, you can offer 100 – 200 words per 5 bucks (of which Fiverr takes a buck) within 14 days with zero edits for the regular gig, then you can add gig extras of 24 hour turn around for an additional price, a Getty Image for an additional 10 dollars of which you will earn about 25 percent, and so forth. Everything you offer as an add-on will give you an opportunity to earn more.

So let’s say someone orders a 600-word article from you at 5 dollars per 200 words – that would be 15 dollars. Then they add on 72 hour delivery for 5 bucks, now you’re up to 20 dollars. Offer a proper Tweetable quote to the article for another 5 bucks and now we’re at 25 dollars. If you can do ten 600 word articles a day, you’ll earn $250 a day before Fiverr charges of about 50 bucks, which brings you to 200 dollars a day. If you work five days a week you’ll earn about 1000 dollars a week from home working via Fiverr.

You can make more or less depending on the type of gig you are offering. There are people making a lot of money on Fiverr and people who aren’t making anything. It all depends on how you present your gigs, the extras you offer and how well you target your audience. As you become higher rated you will notice that other features are added that help you make more of your business, too.

How to Make Your Gig Better & More Profitable

Once you build your basic Fiverr gig, then you can add on value for your customer using the features available to you as a Fiverr seller. There are some standard choices when it comes to making your gig better.

  • Extra Fast Delivery – Your base gig can be set as late as 29 days delivery, use this feature to make more money by offering super-fast delivery at a higher price. This is a really great way to boost the price of your base gig.
  • Additional Revisions – You can offer revisions for an extra fee. Since the base gig price is so low, you can set that at zero revisions and then offer as many revisions at any price that you want to. This will enable you to earn a fair price for your gig without having to spend too much time on the regular gig.
  • Special Offers – Fiverr has a deal with Getty Images which allows the seller to add a licensed stock image for 10 dollars, and gives the seller access to the Getty Images library. As a Fiverr seller, you’ll end up making about 25 percent of that. What’s great about that is that you don’t have to come out of pocket for the cost of the image.
  • Add Gig Extras – You can add up to two extra gigs within a gig. For example, say you offer video spokesperson gigs, you can add a gig within to write the script for the video instead of requiring that they give you the script, or offer various backgrounds, clothing options and so forth.
  • Custom Offer – With this feature, you can make a custom offer to any potential buyers who reach out to you first. You can’t go around to different profiles and make offers, but if a potential customer contacts you, then you can create a custom offer just for them, including the deliverables and price, which in this case is not limited at all.
  • Package Pricing – Fiverr is slowly rolling out the possibility of offering package pricing for certain types of services. This is a great way to boost your sales, get repeat buyers, and up the sales price of each order.

Some other possibilities to increase your profits lie in other features that are available for you as a Fiverr seller. They are all equally important ways for you to make more money, get higher ratings, and make Fiverr work for you.

  • Buyer Requests – You can answer buyer requests that appear within the subject matter that you have open gig offers in. For example, if you offer voice overs, and a buyer is looking for someone to do a type of voice-overs that they could not find gigs for, you can answer the buyer request with a gig you have, adding extras as needed to make the gig offer what the buyer needs.
  • Keep In Touch — You may not realize it, but the Fiverr system also keeps track of everyone who has ever bought from you. You can keep in touch with them and initiate a conversation with them at any time by going to “My Contacts” and then “My Buyers”. Click the cloud to start a conversation.
  • Vacation Settings – While this is not a way to make extra money it’s a way to keep from being ejected from Fiverr for not completing gigs on time. It’s very important to remember this setting so that you can simply be gone for vacation without any concerns or having to pause each gig individually.

Fiverr is always improving their system by adding new features to make it easier for Fiverr sellers to make more money. Make sure you check back often to find out what new features are available to you. The best way to do that is to create new gigs often.

Tips to Increase Your Success on Fiverr

You can be a successful Fiverr seller if you plan everything correctly. Seek to solve problems and add value to your customers. When you create the initial gig, think of how you can make it better and put those factors as gig “extras” so that you can increase the price point of each order in a way that adds value to your customers.

  • Create The Right Gig – You’ll need to truly understand who your customer is so that you can solve a small problem for them that take only five or ten minutes to do, as the base gig. In addition, try to do something that you can scale up by adding extra services and add-ons to the gig to up the gig’s profitability. It may help to draw out a product funnel so you can see how it will come together.
  • Create a Schedule of Operations – It’s very important to design a way of doing your work that is logical and streamlined. Determine what time of day you’ll be able to work on your gigs and set up a way to do the work in a seamless manner so you can get everything done on time in a professional manner. Remember, repeat buyers are essential to your success.
  • Be Transparent – If you’re a graphic designer, don’t use someone else’s images to market your work. Use your own images so that people see what you have to offer. If you’re offering something other than graphic design, hire someone to make a unique image for your gig and show examples of your work that show what you can do in a true way.
  • Maintain Good Relationships – Always be polite and respectful to everyone on Fiverr. The better customer service you provide, the more the people you do business with will want to work with you and the more they’ll recommend you to others. Building relationships are always the best way to increase business.
  • Promote Your Gig – Just putting up a gig, no matter how great it is, will not guarantee success. But, spending time promoting your gig will help you become profitable. You can promote your gigs on social media, via your blog, and also by advertising. One way to do this is to create duplicates of the same gig, changing it only slightly. That way when someone searches for say “video editing” they see several gigs from you regarding video editing.
  • Use Gig Extras Judiciously — It’s important that the gig extras you create will appeal to the buyers of the original five dollar gig. You want to make it a no-brainer to upgrade to the higher priced order. For example, adding a transparent background for any image, or offering to wear a custom outfit for a talking head video and so forth.
  • Make Custom Offers – Often, first-time buyers will ask a question before they choose to buy one of your gigs. Using their question, why not create a custom offering for them. When you create a custom offer you can price it how you need to and make it fit with what they need. This is a good way to communicate with these customers.
  • Respond Quickly – Even if your order turnaround time is at 14 days if you can answer new orders as soon as possible by asking a question to clarify what they want, or another response is an important way to establish a connection with the customer.
  • Share Your Gigs With Everyone – When you create a new gig, you can share it on social media, blog about it, and get attention to it. It will help your gig get more views. The more views you get on your gigs, the more sales you’ll make.
  • Under Promise & Over Deliver – Always give a little bit more than you said you would to everyone who orders. Don’t be late, and be very clear in your descriptions so that you will avoid canceled orders due to someone misconstruing what you’ve offered. The fewer negative factors you have on your account the better.
  • Get Ratings – The more you can encourage people who buy from you to rate you, the better your ranking will be on Fiverr. Keep your ratings high as possible by not having to cancel orders, asking your buyers for ratings, and asking friends and family to help.

By focusing on what you can do to make the experience better and more valuable to your customers you’ll soon have a profitable Fiverr, service-based business. The new Fiverr offers many opportunities to make more money and be even more successful than you thought ever possible on Fiverr.

Examples of Successful Service Based Fiverr Sellers

These examples should give you some ideas about how to make your gig stand out, get seen and ordered. Once ordered, it’s your job to deliver exactly what you promised and then some so that you will make the buyers happy. Happy buyers tell other people and buy again. The more you can focus on your audience, giving them what they want, the more successful you’ll be. These examples are of sellers who have mastered the art of offering just the right service to just the right person.

Writing Services Example

Amitbt is a top rated seller on Fiverr. You can see why when you look at his entire profile and his gigs. Click through to look at the gig example as well as his profile. See in the overview of this gig he has a video, and then he has very in-depth information about what you will get when you order his gig.

He’s also included just the right gig extras to help boost the purchase price for each of the orders. The professional video adds to the buyer’s confidence in the seller’s talent and experience as does the very complete description and the gig extras.

Graphic Design Services Example

Kumarsingh is a top rated seller who has done a great job presenting his gigs and showing his talent. His examples are his own work, and the description gives a detailed idea of what the buyer will receive and when. He also uses the package option to boost the purchase price while not incredibly increasing the time factor.

Video Services Examples

Sweezey, another top rated seller, who often has orders in the queue, will create a video for you on a white background using your script. His video explaining his gig is excellent, so it’s a good idea of what you’ll end up with depending on your instructions and script. As you can see when you click through, he also uses every avenue at his disposal to present the gig to his audience and offer gig extras that add value for the customer and boosts his earnings, too.

Voice over Service Examples

Actressellen, as she’s known on Fiverr, is a top-rated seller who offers voice over services. She offers clear instructions, well-defined packages, and a great description of her services as well as an example in her own video. Even after almost 3000 reviews she still has a 5.0 rating. She obviously seeks to over deliver and is a good example for you to emulate.

Interesting Services You May Not Have Considered

Cartoon Yourself Denikasapovic has a great example of drawing you into a cartoon. Just supply a picture that you like and he’ll do the rest.

Turn Your Portrait into a CatAwesomesatyr is a level two seller who has a 4.9 rating after 64 reviews. The profile explains what you get and offers add-ons to the original gig.

Create Original MusicLiverpool music is a top rated seller who creates music that you can use for background music and more. Notice how he uses his fiver and extra gigs to add value to what you need plus offers custom quotes.

Hopefully, these ideas from Fiverr give you some ideas for your own services and how you’ll present them. Look at each example and make a note on what draws your attention and makes you want to order.

Easy Tricks to Make Your Fiverr Gigs Stand Out

One way to ensure that buyers try your gigs is to make the offer stand out from the others. Fiverr offers you a great opportunity to make your gigs stand out. Use the features that they have, such as the ability to add a video description, graphics, and descriptions.

  • Create a Short Keyword Title – When you create a title, it’s just like making any title that you want people to click on. It should be accurate as to what’s inside and include keywords that the audience may use to search for the information.
  • Give a Detailed Gig Description – Use every word that you can to provide a complete description of the gig. The better your description, the less likely the buyer is to cancel the order or be disappointed in the order. That makes it that much more likely that they’ll give you a good rating, refer you to others, and buy from you again.
  • Include Videos and Images – A video will capture the attention of buyers because it’s a great way to get a lot of information fast, plus, most sellers simply won’t take the time to make a video about their gig. You can put three images and a one minute video in order to explain in the best possible way what your gig entails to the buyer. Videos are excellent ways to demonstrate your abilities.
  • Ensure your Extras Are Targeted – When you create a gig always think of your target audience, their pain points, and then match that to your skill set so that you can create a gig that you can do easily and quickly with upgrades that offer you a way to pull in more money from each gig.
  • Always Ask for Feedback – When you deliver gigs to a buyer always ask them for a review. In fact, ask them for a five-star review. Be specific about what you did for them too so that they get an idea of what to say about your gig when they rate you.
  • Guarantee Your Work – It’s important to tell buyers that you will ensure that they are 100 percent satisfied with the work in the description and then to follow through with that. While some buyers will be harder to please, most will be easy. Remember to adjust the description as needed to make it less likely that you have to fix problems with each subsequent order.

These tricks will help your Fiverr gigs stand out so that you’ll get more views, more orders, higher ratings and perpetuate the cycle of building your business. Remember that one of the most important things is to be clear about what you’re offering and then deliver what you promise you will deliver.

The Types of Gigs That Sell Well on Fiverr

While sometimes, a strange gig will pop up that serves to fill a fad or trend, the most enduring types of services that sell well on Fiverr involve tasks that require skill to accomplish that people are looking for. The idea is to match your skills with what people need. A good way to find out what people want is to go to where your audience hangs out and find out what they’re asking about.

For example, on Facebook, there are groups that consist of your audience. You just have to find them. Do a search in Groups and find your audience, join the group, then simply observe what they are asking about and wanting referrals for. This is a great way to figure out what to list for your first gig. You can find groups elsewhere, too. The trick is to observe what they need, then create great gigs based on their needs and your skills.

For the most part, the following types of gigs sell well on Fiverr.

  • Graphic Design – Everything from logos to web pages will sell well on Fiverr. There are many more people needing this service than there are quality offerings. People need graphics for book covers, infographics, memes, social media posts, blog posts and more.
  • Video Creation & Design – Almost anything to do with videos will sell well on Fiverr. Video editing and creation is something that takes a lot of skill to get right. You can create funny videos, or edit other people’s videos, create intros and outros and more if you are good with videos.
  • Voice Acting – If you have a good voice and you are good at reading a script you can create voice-overs to be used on videos or podcasts or elsewhere. You’ll simply need a microphone and a setup that enables your recordings to sound professional. You can upsell with this one to offer scripts, too.
  • Writing – Everyone needs the content of some kind these days such as blog posts, articles, sales copy, website copy and more. Now that people are publishing Kindle books you can even be a ghostwriter for an entire book. The trick is to price this right at about 5 dollars per 100 words with the right upsells for images, faster turnaround, and extra words.
  • Article Editing – You can offer a service to edit articles, or even websites at various levels from easy proofreading for grammar and typos to more in-depth contextual editing services. Price this one right too, so that you are making a fair fee for your work.
  • Trouble Shooting – Today a lot of people are using WordPress and other technology that they don’t know how to use. When something goes wrong, that’s where you can come in. If you’re good with a particular technology, offer your services to troubleshoot when needed.
  • Advice – Life and business coaching are big businesses. You can offer business advice via the Fiverr system. For example, you can offer to critique someone’s website and offer solutions and ideas for improvement via Fiverr. If you want to be more personal, you can offer advice for parenting or getting through a divorce, too.

There are also some interesting crafty gigs such as creating cartoon characters, cat people and more based off your images. Sit down and write down the skills you have and then match the skills to your audience so that you can create gigs that get orders and please your audience.

Tips for New Fiverr Sellers to Boost Their Income

As a new seller, it can take a while to start getting regular orders. Ideally, you can work up to 10 or more orders per day, or whatever you can reasonably accommodate. These tips may help a new seller get up and selling fast.

  • Complete Your Profile – As with most social media and online communities, the better you complete your profile, the more friends you’ll make. Being open, honest and transparent will make people trust you immediately. People need trust to make purchases and you can offer them that feeling of trust simply by having an amazing profile.
  • Use Buyer Requests – If you have at least one gig listed and taking orders, you can also look at buyer requests. The buyer requests are filled very quickly, so you need to find the right time where you live to look at the requests so you can send a quote as soon as possible. But, what you can also do is use these requests to make new open gigs from. It’s a great way to get ideas.
  • Share Your Gigs Immediately & Often – Once you create a gig, you are prompted to immediately share the gig. It’s important that you do share it immediately and then occasionally share it again. If you’re not full of orders in the hopper then you need to be promoting.
  • Get Involved with Fiverr Forum – The Fiverr forums have people who both buy and sell, so if you get involved with the forums and people know what your niche is, if they need someone in that niche they’re more likely to contract with you than someone they do not know.
  • Create a Video for Your Gigs – Gigs with videos sell better than gigs without them. A good video isn’t hard to make. You can use your webcam and just tell them what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for, or you can even hire someone else to make it for you if the video isn’t your thing.
  • Use Appropriate Images for Your Gig – Even if you have a video, it’s a good idea to still include images that represent your offering. Including a sample of the type of work you do is a great way to get more buyers.
  • Write a Complete Gig Description – Use bolding, bullets, and shading to make your description stand out on the page. Using these features to make your description stand out from others, as well as on the page your potential buyer is reading is important. The more you include in the description, the more likely you’ll get orders and the more likely that those who order will be satisfied.
  • Be Honest – Nothing beats being straightforward and honest in your descriptions and profile. It’s better to say you can’t do something when asked than to say you can and then not be able to deliver.

Fiverr is set up for your success. You can create amazing gigs, and you can earn a good amount of money from Fiverr — so much so that you could quit your job. You just have to figure out which types of gigs to sell. Remember to consider your audience, solve their problems using the skills you most like using. After all, if you’re going to spend your life doing it, you should also enjoy it.

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