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Pre-show or After-show – Do They Work?

Pre-show or After-Show, Which Do I Need?


Your pre-shows and after-shows can play an import part in your informational video’s success. You don’t need to incorporate both into your video. However, you will see better results if you add the one that your audience wants and needs most. To help you decide, let’s look at the 3 main parts of a show, or in this case, a video

The Pre-show is often a short segment of 15-30 minutes, added before the featured “show” or main body of information. The goals of this segment are to attract viewers, warm up the audience, and add value by meeting the additional needs of the audience.

Since some social media platforms put a lot of emphasis on engagement, the last 5- minutes of this segment is a great time to do a fun activity that requires liking, sharing, commenting, and other forms of participation. Start live streaming and allow the preshow transitions into the featured event.

The Featured Show or Event is the main information or activity you promoted. It provides your audience with important information and resources related to the video’s topic.

The After-Show segment starts after you stop recording the featured show. Many people use this segment to talk with audience members about different aspects of the Featured Event.

Another thing you may want to do during the after-show is given attendees a preview of things to come in the next show or product. If you do this, be sure to ask r suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

There isn’t a huge difference between the pre-show and after-show, it’s because there isn’t a lot. You can do many of the same types of engaging activities in both segments. The main difference is in the purpose of each segment and the goals you set.

In short, if you have trouble getting a live-view audience, go with the pre-show segment, at least until you build up your loyal audience. If your audience is more knowledgeable on the topic, go with the after-show segment, where you can get feedback that is more detailed and specific. You can also do a little more relationship building, with an eye towards possible joint ventures in the future.


What do you think? I would be very interested in hearing and so would everyone else.

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