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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Profile


In the last lesson, you learned how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn Profile to help you be found easier. This week will cover the importance of having a company page and the many ways you can optimize it.

You already know that LinkedIn is the social network aimed at building business connections and a place to assist you in your job-hunting endeavors. You probably already have a personal profile on LinkedIn. But do you have a LinkedIn company page set up and optimized for your business? If not, you should.

It’s easy to do. Once set up and optimized, you’ll be available to a wider range of possibilities, from a large database of prospective employees to the use of an extended network to recruit new prospects.

According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn has 562 million users and it’s all about building your network and connections. It’s about who you know and who your connections know.

Using LinkedIn for a business you can utilize your current connections to grow your brand and get new leads. Having an out-of-date personal profile can be costing you leads and connections. If you want to grow your business and traffic, you need a company page and profile.

According to LinkedIn, completed company pages often receive double the number of visitors as those with incomplete pages. And when your organization utilizes all the features and posts often you will generally gain followers up to six times faster than others.

In this guide. you’ll learn all the reasons why a LinkedIn company page and accompanied profile is important, how to set it up correctly, tips for optimizing it. and hacks for getting more company profile views.

Importance of Company Page

LinkedIn pages act as a hub page for your company. It’s where people first meet you before they start doing business with you. It’s a great way to establish your brand, share how and what you do. and who your serve.

  • A LinkedIn company page builds Search Engine Optimization benefits by boosting your ranking. When someone searches for your company name, your LinkedIn company page comes up. It shows those employed by your company. Creating a description that leads with powerful, keyword rich copy is essential because LinkedIn members search by keywords to find companies. Include words and phrases that describe your expertise, your business, and the industry focus you are in.
  • The company page is a way to build your company brand by highlighting who you are and what you do for your company. It allows you to attract and engage quality candidates by sharing targeted content and job recommendations. You can feature videos, testimonials, and many other things relevant to your niche.
  • Build your company credibility by having a LinkedIn company page. By adding your company name to your personal profile you’re linking to your company page which then adds your company logo and a hyperlinked link to the page. It gives a more professional appearance.
  • LinkedIn company pages are an excellent way to take advantage of those naturally in your market, friends of friends, or acquaintances who knows someone who works for your company. Visitors will see mutual connections and may be more likely to choose your business over your competitor.
  • With a LinkedIn company page, you can share press releases and blog posts and connect with other businesses while attracting followers.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, and you should, adding a company page is the next step in growing and getting seen by future clients and potential partners.

Setting Up Your Page

LinkedIn is the perfect place to drive business results while raising brand awareness and educate your potential customers on what you sell. Using rich content and compelling post updates helps you establish yourself as a brand leader in your niche.

Now that you know why you should have a LinkedIn company page for your business, lets get busy setting up your page. If you don’t already have a person LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to set that up first.

Step 1: Add your company

Go to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portal to begin creating your company pages. Click on the “Create a Company Page” button.

Then choose the type of business you have. This is self-explanatory, but be aware that showcase pages are for specific areas of your company such as a page to represent a brand, business unit, organization initiative, etc. It is not meant for short-term marketing campaigns.


Step 2: Add Page Details

Enter your name or company name, the URL for people to find your business on LinkedIn and your website in the Page Identity section.

In the Company details section, choose your industry, your company size, and the type of company you have.

In Profile, details are where you can upload your logo. The recommended size is 300 by 300 pixels. Your company logo is used instead of a profile picture that is normally found on social networks.

Add your tagline in this section as well. It doesn’t have to be your final one as it can be changed later.

When you’re done, tick the “I verify that I am the official representative of this company and have the right to act on behalf of the company in the creation of this page.”

Finally, click the blue “Create page” button.

Step 3: Admin Page

On the next screen, you will be taken to the admin page where you can see your updates, dashboard, add a cover photo, and make any changes.

Click on the edit pen to add a cover photo that represents your company. It should be 1536 by 768 pixels.


In the about section, describe what your company does and why potential customers should follow. You have up to 2000 characters to get your marketing message just right. Add up to 20 company specialties. These are like the keywords or tags people use to find your business on LinkedIn. Include your various products, services, and strengths here.

In this section, you will need to provide at least one location for your business as well.

Step 4: Publish your page.

When you are ready, click the Publish button for your company page to go live. You can preview your page by clicking on the member view tab at the top far right of the page. If you don’t like what you see, click the “Manage page” to make any changes.

Your page is set up. But you’re not finished yet. Your page needs to be optimized so it can be found.

Best Practices to Optimize

According to LinkedIn, companies with complete information get 30% more weekly views. Therefore, you need to have complete and accurate information in your profiles.

Several areas should be completely and strategically filled out on your company page. Let’s look at each of them.

Branding Creatives

Promote your brand recognition by adding the creatives that make up your brand. On your LinkedIn Company page, you need a company logo in the size of 300 x 300 pixels. Use your logo instead of a picture of your team or yourself here.

A cover image size 1536 X 768 should be used instead of the generic LinkedIn image. The cover photo can be a clean, clear image of your products, a promotional banner for one of your services or an area to advertise that you’re hiring or participating in a special event. Whatever you choose, make it exclusive to LinkedIn to make your profile unique.

Here are two examples of a well thought out the cover image with a logo.

About You

Fill in the about you section on your LinkedIn company page. This section is a glimpse into the highlights of what your company does. It’s directly beneath the overview tab so it needs to be fully optimized with a solid description telling your potential audience what makes your company unique and what your motto or vision is. It can talk about what products or services you offer as well. Try to include long-tail keywords in the description.

Be sure to answer these six basic questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you based?
  • What do you offer?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your brand voice?
  • How can people reach you to learn more?

In the Company details, the section includes all the things that make your business special or stand out from a crowd that can be included in the specialties section.

Life Tab

The Life tab helps you give a picture of your company’s culture. It allows you to promote your work environment, show off your employees, present the impact you make on the local community, and any other way you want to showcase your business.

Not only can you add text and graphics to the life tab, but you can integrate multiple videos as well.

Showcase Pages

This is the section to add additional products, services, or other brands or units associated with your main company. For each product, service, or additional business, you can create a showcase page. These independent pages have their own About Us section, its followers, post updates, and independent analytics.

For example, if your main business is XYZ Consulting but you also offer web design services under XYZ Web, you can have a Showcase page for that.

Consistent posts

The visual and basic settings are important for optimizing your company profile page. But it’s important to post quality content consistently to keep your audience growing and returning.

You should aim to post at least one update a day. Share blog posts you’ve written, posts, or articles from other websites relevant to your industry, ask questions of your audience, or some other pertinent content.

Keep in mind, the LinkedIn audience is different from other social networks. It’s less about sales and marketing and more about highlighting your industry expertise, employees, job opportunities, and content relevant to your industry.

Strategically optimizing your Company profile page is a key factor in building your following on LinkedIn. Fill out all the sections using targeted keywords and descriptions, having your visuals match your brand, and creating consistent content. Next, we’ll discover some unusual hacks to get more company page profile views.

More Views Hacks

Now that your company page profile is filled out and strategically optimized, you want to implement these nine little known hacks to get more views to your page.

  1. Use LinkedIn Groups to find more customers, learn about your audience, and network with others in your industry. You can follow others, start conversations, or engage in relevant conversations.
  1. Don’t be shy about asking for the most endorsements allowed, more than 99 can be seen on your profile. More than a billion peer-to-peer endorsements have already been given on LinkedIn. It’s a powerful and sometimes controversial form of social proof of your trustworthiness. And it’s mutually beneficial to both of you.
  1. Involve your employees in your Company page. Allowing your employees to post company-related content using a platform like Bambu, is one of the best ways to grow your LinkedIn presence and drastically increase your content’s reach
  1. Create a clickable profile badge and add it to your email signature, your blog, and everywhere it can be clicked on.
  1. Make your video content priority. Education videos to company commercials to company product how-to, people are being entertaining and craving videos over written content.
  1. Consistency is key in building your network. Come up with a consistent content calendar specific to LinkedIn. And know the best times to post on LinkedIn for engagement. Post at least once a day.
  1. Know and understand your analytics. Your audience insights and what posts are top performers. This helps you create more of the same type of content and personalize it to your audience.
  1. The first 6 words on the mobile device or 2 lines from a desktop in your summary show in an initial search so make sure your company summary stands out.
  1. Remove pending connection requests if you’ve sent a connection request and they haven’t responded. Do so by going to My Network, click on manage all, and then click on a sent tab.

Try these little-known company pages hacks to increase your views and begin building a wider network.

What’s Next

So far, you’ve learned why you need an optimized LinkedIn profile and how to set it up. Then you learned how to optimize your LinkedIn Company page and profile and the best ways to strategically optimize it for the most views.

Just like any networking you do, setting up a LinkedIn page is important for your company’s growth. It allows you to be seen professionally while building your credibility, boosting your reach, and highlighting who you are.

Setting up your LinkedIn Company page takes a few steps, but, when done correctly, doubles your reach. Adding a company banner and logo, filling out a compelling summary, and highlighting your best products or services optimizing your page.

Strategically setting up your page and consistently posting and connecting brings in more views. This allows you to build and grow your current and future network quickly.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn how to dominate our LinkedIn content. We’ll discuss the different types of tools, content, and tactics to post regularly on LinkedIn.

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