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Messenger Bot Engagement Checklist

Messenger Bot Engagement & Resource Checklist


Here is a Messenger chatbot engagement checklist you can refer to when creating your own messages.

#1: Develop a Character for Your Messenger Bot

  • Remember, a bot is a bot: If you design your Messenger bot to represent itself as a real human, you’ll not only mislead your community but also be violating a California state law that says you must make it clear that a bot is a bot, not a human.

Modify comment opt-in posts:

  • Comment opt-in bots aren’t a thing of the past, but there’s a new way to use them to encourage the deeper, more meaningful conversations Facebook wants to see and what everyone wants with their communities.
  • Instead of asking for a one-word comment, ask for an answer to an engaging question that also helps you identify the needs of your community.
  • To illustrate, you might ask, “What would be possible if you had XYZ result?

#2: Use a Conversational Flow in Your Messenger Bot Copy

  • Copywriting for high-converting bots doesn’t have to be difficult. In order to generate the kind of results you desire; be sure your copy is conversational.
  • In order to achieve this, have an imaginary conversation over coffee (or tea) with your prospect or friend, and then jot it down.

#3: Link to Your Messenger Bot in Marketing Content

  • When you display a presentation video in a post or on a page, include a Messenger subscriber link to download the slides for the presentation.
  • When you send out a coupon, require customers to subscribe to your bot to obtain the code.
  • When you send out a transactional email, include a link to your bot and let readers know they can reach out to you there if they have a question.

#4: Combine Your Messenger Bot with Facebook Live Comments

  • Combine a Messenger bot with a Facebook Live to create an experience that not only engages but also can lead to sales.
  • The best strategy for this is to plan an engaging Facebook Live that announces and distributes a freebie such as a PDF guide.
  • You then connect a Messenger bot to your Facebook Live via the Comments feature in either ManyChat or Chatfuel.

#5: Segment and Personalize Content Delivery

  • Interaction: A bot is not a one-way communication tool, so let users engage with your bot. Allow them to choose their own adventure by adding navigational quick-reply buttons that let them decide where to go next.
  • Segmentation: Use bots to ask questions that teach you more about each individual subscriber. Then use tags or custom fields to segment your subscribers by their expressed interests.
  • Personalization: When you send out a broadcast, leverage these segments to deliver personalized, relevant information to the subscribers who have indicated an interest in the topic.

#6: Deliver Event Reminders

  • By far, the best and easiest use of Messenger bots is to remind people to attend an event such as a Facebook Live broadcast or a webinar.
  • Stats show that reminders for a live webinar sent via email only get a 42% open rate, but reminders sent via bot get an 82% open rate, which is almost double
  • Getting an alert on your phone via chat for an event that’s about to start is more compelling and timelier than an alert via email because, by the time you check your email, the event could be over.

Resource Checklist

Below are places located on the Internet where you can acquire royalty-free images and videos you can use when creating your own marketing promotions.


Pixabay Videos

Other Royalty Free Stock Photo Sites

Here are a couple more places to look for free stock photos. Since these collections are smaller, they may not have exactly what you’re looking for, but you may also find an image that hasn’t been overused by other creators.


Pexels offer more than 30,000 royalty-free stock photos, with thousands more added every month. The Pexels database is curated from a community of photographers and other stock photo sites, including Pixabay.

While it’s not the largest free photo source, the images are nicely curated and the database is well organized and easy to search.

Stock Photo Secrets

On Stock Photo Secrets, you can choose from more than 4 million royalty-free images. They’ve even just introduced a cool new feature: you can upload a picture and they’ll show you more options that look similar.

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