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Making Your Live Video Better

Perfect Your Live Video


As a business owner, one of the things you learn early is that it’s important to be authentic and be yourself. Whether your personality is naturally wacky or more subdued and professional, it’s important that you let people see the “real” you.

When you create live videos, you want this authenticity to come across to viewers. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by letting them see you. Since you are the “face” of your business, it’s a good idea, especially in the beginning, to live-stream from your office.

Why use your office as the background? Branding is the answer or at least part of it. The background you use and other items in your video essentially become a part of your brand. Everything in your video affects the viewer’s perception of you and your business. That’s why you want to choose what your audience sees and doesn’t see.

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To make your business memorable to new viewers, incorporate your brand colors in a way that doesn’t distract them. This might be a framed image of your logo on the wall or a throw rug in your main brand color. Think, “accents.”

You can also have a little fun, as you make your business, brand, and the video more memorable. Here is a “prop” idea that works particularly well if you have a desk and a bookshelf in your office.

In every video, bring in a prop that represents or relates to the subject matter of the video. Share a story of how and why you brought it for “today’s” show. This can make a good lead-in and show how everyday items and events can inspire.

You can make the pre-show or after-show more fun by asking your audience to bring in a prop based on the show’s topic, as well. Get them to send you a pic of them with their prop. You can use these in games, contests, promos, and in other ways.

Adding props and fun to your video helps to make you stand out. In addition, they also give your viewers memorable activities and stories to associate with your business. Give it a try.

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