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Link Your AdWords and YouTube Accounts for Advertising

Link Your YouTube and AdWords Accounts


We are just two steps closer to the creation of your first YouTube video ad campaign, so let’s continue. In this post, we are going to show you how to easily link your AdWords account to your YouTube account for advertising.

This is a necessary step because YouTube ads are processed through the AdWords advertising platform owned by Google. Now, you can create and launch YouTube ads without linking both accounts, but you will get more advertising features by linking these accounts, and doing so is easier than you might think.

Start by clicking on the channel icon in the top right corner and then click on the creator studio” button. From there go to the “channel” tab in the left-hand
menu and then click on the “advanced” submenu tab.

Now scroll down and locate the “AdWords account linking” section and click on “link an AdWords account” button. You will be asked to provide your AdWords “customer ID” in a new pop-up window. You will simply have to click on the “AdWords For Video” link highlighted in this new window to get started.

You will be prompted to sign in to your AdWords account in a new browser tab, so simply enter your Google account credentials and click on “next”. Once in
your AdWords account, you have to locate your customer ID” in the top-right corner. Copy it and go back to where you left on YouTube.

Now paste your AdWords “customer ID” in the “customer ID” box field, then click on “next”. Now assign a name for your linked AdWords account and set permissions for the account. These permissions include “view counts on calls to action”, for “remarketing” and for “engagement”. Our recommendation is to leave them all checked and to click on “finish”.

Awesome! Now your YouTube channel has been linked to your AdWords account. There is only one step left: you have to approve your linked accounts
on AdWords. Start by going back to your AdWords account. Now click on the “settings” button and then on the “linked accounts” option.

Once in “linked accounts” locate the “YouTube” shortcuts, then either click on “view details” if accessing the linked YouTube accounts section from the page or directly on the “YouTube” tab if accessing the linked YouTube accounts section from the “linked accounts” menu on the left.

Once in the linked YouTube accounts section click on the “view request” button under the “action” box corresponding to your linked channel, and then click on “confirm”. Your channel status will change to “linked”.

Now you will be able to use AdWords to promote your video ads and to set up video ad campaigns directly from your AdWords account. Linking AdWords to
your channel will allow you to create remarketing campaigns and to use advanced audience targeting options as well.

You will also have more advertising features available on videos that you promote directly from YouTube such as call-to-action overlays. Now you are ready to learn how to easily upload your advertising videos, which we are going to cover in our following post, so tune in!

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