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Leveraging Website Traffic with Messenger Bots

How to Effectively Retarget Website Visitors Using Facebook Messenger Bots


If you are using and have experienced the power and reach of Facebook chatbots, you know full well how effective they are when it comes to meaningful and profitable engagements with customers and prospects.

But did you know, there are other ways you can maximize your bots as effective, proactive marketing tools that can reach out and touch customers and prospects outside of those in your social media circles?

Well, in fact, you can.

As a matter of fact, you can also utilize them to effectively engage your existing website customers and prospects, as well as the folks that are listed on your email contact list.

Here’s how:

Using Facebook Messenger for marketing is simple… you send messages to your customers on Facebook Messenger.

What makes this channel different from other marketing methods such as email marketing is the results. For instance;

The best way to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing is with MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey is a powerful chatbot builder. Chatbots are essential for scoring sky-high open rates, CTRs, and conversion rates. And best of all, it’s free.

Chat Blaster

Chat blasting is a powerful method for getting your message in front of your entire Facebook Messenger list in minutes.

With MobileMonkey you can schedule chat blasts, bulk send, develop interactive Messenger sequences, create special offers, and anything else that helps your marketing.

To start, just click “Chat Blaster” in the app.

One of the features in Chat Blaster is the ability to segment your audiences.

Creating segments is simple using MobileMonkey, which allows you to “Create Audience” with a click.

Your audience can perform self-segmentation when the chat blast sends.

Warm Engaged Invites

One effective tactic you can use to build your Facebook audience is by personally inviting people who have engaged both with your Facebook page and your website, to become a page fan.

From your business Facebook page (desktop), find a post that has engagement.

Using this tool, you view the people who engaged with your post and can invite people to like the page. The reason why this is valuable is that you’re able to target engaged fans.

If you have a lot of Facebook fans, but not a lot of engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will punish you. Instead, identify those people who will be engaged and manually invite them.

Send Personal Invites in Messenger

A similar hack is inviting your friends to like your business page, and also sending the invite in Messenger.

This is a great method to use since you can also personalize the message and give them two touches instead of just one.

Click on the … button on your Facebook page, then click “Invite Friends.”

Here, you can invite friends and create a personalized message. Be sure to check the box at the bottom to send the invite using Messenger.

Invite People to Your Facebook Group by Email

You can invite people to join your Facebook group by sending them an email. Obviously, you’ll need an email list to do this.

Here’s how.

From your Facebook Group page, click “members” on the left side.

On the next page, you can add email addresses and personal notes to invitees.

Page Competition Gauge

If you would like to understand who your competition is and what they’re up to, Facebook’s algorithm has figured it out for you.

To use this feature, go to your Facebook Page Insights. From Insights, scroll down until you see “Pages to Watch.”

By default, Facebook shows you five potential competitors, but you can view more by clicking “See More Suggested Pages.”

When you add a competitor to your watched pages, you’ll be able to keep up with their activity, growth rates, total likes, and the frequency of their posts.

This information will help you understand how you’re doing and what you might need to change.

Get Email Addresses

It can be difficult getting people’s email address these days.

No matter how appealing your content upgrade, to a great many folks, asking for their email address is akin to asking for their social security number.

With Facebook Messenger marketing, that’s no longer the case.

You can create a Facebook Messenger chatbot that asks for an individual’s email address. Then, all they do is click a button to pre-fill their address.

Facebook does all the work for you.

Here’s what the bot looks like in MobileMonkey.

As long as you set the input type as email, Facebook will know to pull the user’s email address exactly as they’ve entered it when creating a Facebook account. No typos, nothing.

When you use a chatbot, it makes the process automatic and easy.

Acquire Phone Numbers

As most of you already know, if there’s one thing harder to get from a customer than their email address, it’s their phone number, but with chatbots, it’s a cinch.

Using input type “phone” in MobileMonkey means that you’re guaranteed to get the user’s primary phone number as they provided when and if they stored their phone number on Facebook.

It’s understandable that people are hesitant to enter their phone number on an unfamiliar platform such as a contact form on your website, for instance.

However, it’s quite a different level of comfort when they are asked for a phone number in a familiar messaging app, and Facebook automatically adds the number.

Literally, all that your contact has to do is tap their phone number.

Website Chat Widget

This one seems obvious, but again it’s surprising how few websites are putting the power of a website chat widget to work. This is how you can market to your existing website customers and visitors with a chatbot.

If you go to MobileMonkey’s website, there is a chat widget on nearly every page.

Messenger Drip Campaigns

If you’ve been in Internet marketing for any amount of time, you know how potent a good drip campaign can be.

Imagine increasing this potency by 10x.

That’s exactly what a Facebook Messenger drip campaign can do. Again, the power is in the chatbot builder.

MobileMonkey’s drip campaign feature just takes a click to get started.

Unlike an email drip campaign which can take days or weeks to complete, a Facebook Messenger drip campaign can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours.

Plus, when you use a chatbot, the entire sequence can be interactive. You can create choices and engage the user on a far deeper level.

As you have discovered in this report, there’s so much more you can do to optimize, and maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts with the help of chatbots.

Messenger marketing with chatbots can be a real game-changer for any business that will take advantage of it.

Chatbots have made a massive impact in two distinct areas of marketing, especially in the areas of engaging customers and prospects.

  1. Interactivity or dialogue — Messenger marketing, even when powered by a bot, has a personal feel. Instead of bullhorn marketing.

By instructing your audience to buy, read, visit, or watch, you’re asking for their feedback and opening up a one-on-one personal conversation.

  1. Speed of engagement — Unlike the glacial speed of email marketing (like drip campaigns), Messenger marketing has a much swifter cadence.

Many people have a conditioned response to the unmistakable ding of their Messenger notifications.

They want to see who’s sending them a personal message. This means your open rates and click-through rates will shoot straight up.

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