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Leveraging the Power of Zoom for Your Live Stream Videos

Leveraging the Power of Zoom for Live Stream Videos


Zoom.us is a popular webinar and video conferencing service that integrates with Facebook Live and YouTube Live. If you’re planning to stream live video, or have been for a while but want to take your broadcasts to the next level, it could be just the tool you are looking for. https://zoom.us

It offers several features that your target audience will be impressed with. Let’s look ad video conferencing first.

Video Conferencing Features

Meetings online

All of the meetings online will be filmed with HD video and high-quality audio. You can host up to 500 video participants, and offer screen sharing and a variety of collaboration tools. Your recordings will be stored in the cloud, and the service provides auto-generated transcripts that you can offer attendees as a bonus for joining in, or as a free download once the event is over and archived on Facebook or YouTube.

Video-based training

Around 70% of the population are visual learners who prefer to watch videos than reading training materials. This being the case, you will be addressing the needs and preferences of your audience if you offer training through Zoom. You can use a digital whiteboard and annotate the content of your video. All of it will be stored in the cloud. You can also offer video breakout rooms for smaller group training within the context of the meeting and then have them report back with their findings.

Technical support

This may sound like a very sophisticated system, but it is easier to use than many other similar suites of software. You can control your screen remotely, the interface is simple to use, and there is full support if you get stuck with any of the useful tools the service offers.

Built-in scheduling

Zoom works with your calendaring system, so you can set up regular live video sessions and then share the data with your target audience so they have the chance to attend live rather than just see the archived recordings. The whole point of live video is to get audience participation and interaction, after all. Participants can register to view your video by email invitation, logging in through Zoom, or signing in through their Google Gmail account.


Zoom offers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extensions for an optimal viewing experience and the ability to participate, share the whiteboard, and so on. There is also a Microsoft Outlook plugin to help with scheduling and reminders.

Webinar Hosting Features

You can also host webinars for up to 100 participants at a time if you wish the webinar to be interactive, or 100 up to 10,000 attendees in view-only mode. It’s easy to announce the webinar will be taking place thanks to built-in scheduling and social sharing.

The webinars are in HD. You can share your screen with participants so they can follow along easily. You can also split the screen to show the speaker and the PowerPoint presentation, for example, at the same time.

If you ever get stuck using the features, they offer technical support, including being on standby while the event is taking place.

Special features

Zoom gives the host a lot of control over their live webinar with the help of features like mute/unmute panelists, recording the webinar, taking poll and more. There is also a Question and Answer dialog box. You can answer the questions verbally and via text. The text will be useful for including URLs and other written data that your audience can copy and paste as needed.

Your audience can register for the webinar in advance, and you will get an attendance report afterward so you will know who was participating. The system offers closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Zoom webinar can be integrated with several different systems, including customer relations management software suites such as Zoho and Infusionsoft. You can even make money directly from your webinars through their Paypal integration.


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