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Let Live Stories Do The Work

Live Stories Educate, Support, and Sell


Everyone, from toddlers to adults, likes to hear a well-told story, particularly if it involves someone overcoming an obstacle and a happy ending. As you plan your live event or video content, incorporate real-life stories into the mix.

Stories are the vehicle you use to paint a complete picture for your audience. The words you use in your stories are like the different colors of paint in the picture. Some are dark and subdued. Others are bright and bold. In some areas, the colors are blended together. All of these affect the emotions and perception of the audience by adding details.

As you share stories with your live audience, it helps them relate more easily to a problem, issue, circumstance, or concept. Using a story to explain or illustrate an abstract concept makes it more concrete and understandable to your audience. It also creates a certain degree of trust, which can help increase live attendance, replays, sales, and much more.

When your audience is able to empathize with the strong emotions and circumstances in your stories, they feel that you truly understand their struggles. This builds trust in you and your authority on the subject. The more deeply they relate to the story details, the more they see themselves in the storyline. This compels them to take action in order to get similar benefits.

Whether the goal for your live video is to educate, support, add credibility, or make sales, using stories can help you achieve your goal. More of your audiences’ senses and emotions are involved as they watch the expressions on your face and listen to the emotion in your voice. In short, your stories make a huge impact on your audience and your success. Start and continue to share your stories.

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