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Kindle Publishing to Build Your List and Sell More Products

Kindle Publishing to Build Your List


There are many ways to build an email list such as offering a lead magnet, running Facebook ads, and building up your expertise status so that people want to follow you so they can know what you’re saying. However, there is one way that is very effective that you cannot only use to build your list fast, but you can earn money while you’re building your list. That method is list building via Kindle Publishing.

If you don’t know, anyone can publish a book via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. You simply write a book (or outsource it and have a ghostwriter write it) with a few extra pieces inside to help you build your list. We’ll talk about that later, but for now, let’s talk about why having an email list is so important for the success of your business.

Why Having an Email List is Important

Getting people on your list gives you an opportunity to get people to buy higher priced products. The way you do that is, you send them planned messages that they’ll receive while they’re on your email list. These planned messages are designed to help you move the list members through your product funnel.

It’s easy to get confused about what’s important when building your business. You use social media, blogs, webinars, and more. However, did you know that the point of everything you do online should be to build an email list full of targeted members, who want what you have to offer? Business owners who aren’t building an email list are missing out on important opportunities to boost business. Email is the most consistent way to drive repeat traffic to your website and to sell ever more products and services to your audience.

Let’s break this down by how email can benefit your business.

  • Build Community – You may think the only way to build community is through your social media connections but that is not true. When people are on your email list you can actually get them more active in your social media communities by sending them a message to “check out the great discussion in our Facebook group” happening right now. Since most people keep their mobile devices close, you can encourage more interaction with that simple of a message.
  • Make it Simple to Communicate – When you send a message on social media not everyone receives it. While it’s true that sometimes people do not open emails, every done receive it and therefore has more of an opportunity to see your messages. Practice crafting better subject lines to improve open rates.
  • Help You Build Your Reputation – The better you are at sending just the right messages about just the right thing to your list the better they’ll view you. They’ll share thoughtful messages with their friends and family too. Plus, you can easily let your list know more about you via email messages than you can any other way.
  • Assist with Brand Building – More than likely, people who sign up for your email list already see you as an expert that they want to learn from. Plus they like your content already. You can actually use your list to try different types of content and see how they tend to share the new content giving you clues on whether it will work with a larger unknown audience before you put it on your website.
  • Enable You to Reach Audience Sub-groups – Did you know that with a targeted list you could make more money anytime you want? All you have to do is send out a message with an exclusive members-only sale, or promotion and see what happens.
  • Email Lists Are Inexpensive – The technology that enables you to set up auto series is inexpensive, you can start in some cases free and work your way up to a larger account. It’s going to cost you about 20 to 30 dollars a month until your list is larger, then it will cost more but your return on investment will be more than enough to make up for it.
  • Build Relationships – Email is a great way to build a relationship with your subscribers. They get to know and trust you through the information and offers you share. List members also get a feel for your business ethics. In short, emails are a great way to prove that you really care about your subscribers and have their best interests at heart.

If you skip building an email list, you’re making a huge mistake. Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. Whether you build a big list or a small list, when you get interested people on your list your business will be forever changed for the better. So, now we can go on and learn how Kindle can help you build a powerful email list.


How Kindle Can Help Your List-building Efforts

Since Amazon doesn’t share email addresses of the people who buy your book, you have to be creative and know what to include in your book but first let’s go over how big and powerful Amazon is.

Amazon has built trust with much of the public. People give their credit card number and address information to Amazon to save for future buys so they don’t have to think about money. They just click one button and the purchase is made. Because Amazon tracks purchases and suggests related items, you have a good chance to sell your book even if you never promote it.

However, Amazon gives you plenty of ways to promote your book. Many of the promotion methods are inexpensive and some are even free of charge. In fact, you pay nothing to publish your book and can earn up to 70 percent royalties. In the traditional publishing world, you’re lucky to make 50 cents a book, but on Amazon, you can make much more per book by cutting out the middleman.

Each person who buys your book and reads it will be exposed to your free offer or lead magnet. All you have to do is mention your lead magnet in several spots within the book to make it easy for your reader to get to the lead magnet.

You’ll need to insert the lead magnet differently than you would in an information product that someone will read on their computer. Therefore, choose a link that is very simple to type in for your lead magnet opt-in page. However, the lead magnet you promote in your Kindle book isn’t much different from the other types of lead magnets that you create to build your email list. The exception is that a self-published Kindle Book makes you a published author with the ability to reach millions of customers who are ready to buy on Amazon.

To knock your reader’s socks off, follow this advice for publishing your first Kindle book to build your list.

  • Make The Book Long Enough – Kindle has removed books that are too short so it is important to make your book long enough. The shortest a Kindle book should be is 10K words for nonfiction. That’s only about 20 to 22 pages depending on formatting. Anything shorter and you’re likely to make people mad because they don’t feel that they got their money’s worth. Fiction has to be a lot longer to tell a story, although people have had luck with 5000 word short stories.
  • Understand Copyright Issues – Kindle does not allow you to use private label rights material to create a Kindle book. Therefore, you seriously need to write an original work that is not copied in any way. If you use anyone else’s ideas, always cite your sources.
  • Put Your Offer in More Than One Place – Many people advise that you put your offer at the end of the book. However, many people don’t read beyond the last page of the information or story. They will get the idea of the book and put it down. By putting your offer in more than one spot, the beginning, the middle, and at the end of the book, in a matter of fact way, you increase the chances of your reader clicking through to the offer.
  • Offer a Freebie That Makes Sense – To get the biggest bang for your buck, you want to offer a freebie that complements the book in some way such as a checklist, easy to fill in worksheets, or even an app that helps with the topic of your book. When the freebie addresses or extends the topic of your book, you’ll get more targeted opt-ins.
  • Get Help if You Need It – Formatting a Kindle book is actually not difficult. It’s a little more tricky if you have a lot of images, but it’s not hard. You can actually use Microsoft Word to format it and upload it quickly. The Kindle formatting directions are here and are easy to follow. However, you can also outsource this process. Get help if you need it.

Using Kindle publishing is an excellent way to add targeted readers to your list and sell more products. You’ll get list members who are anxious to hear from you. Because they already purchased something from you, it will be easier for you to turn them into a repeat buyer.

How Kindle Can Help Establish Authority

Let’s take a moment to talk about wowing your reader so that you can establish unmistakable authority, thus building even more trust with your readers and building your audience full of these types of people.

  • You Become a Published Author – Now, don’t let the self-publishing part scare you, plenty of self-published authors are making millions on Amazon Kindle, and plenty of self-published people are experts and authorities. When you publish a book, people are impressed because it takes a lot of work to put all that knowledge down into a book in a way that readers can understand. Most people simply don’t do that or understand that they can do that, so it automatically makes you special.
  • You Could Become a Bestselling Author – If you promote your book right, you could soon earn the status of an Amazon Best Selling Author, which will push your authority quotient even higher than you ever thought possible. When you share that status with your friends, families, and even strangers, it really does mean a lot. You’ll get to put a little label on the cover, which makes your book sell even more.
  • You Know The Subject Matter – When you publish a book, people who see the book automatically assume you know more than someone without a book. The book becomes proof that you are the expert on the matter. The fact that it’s a Kindle book doesn’t matter. It’s a book, and anyone, who shops on Amazon, can potentially buy it.

Writing a Kindle book is going to open up new doors for you as a business owner. You’ll become known as the author of your book, and the expert on your subject matter and authority in your industry. It really can’t get better than that. You’re already creating content for your website, blog, information products and social media – adding Kindle Publishing is going to add very lucrative and effective path for list building you may have never considered.

What to Write for Your Kindle Book (Choosing a Topic)

One of the hardest aspects of writing a Kindle book is determining what to write. You may be intimidated since you can’t use PLR and it must be an original piece of work. However, the same factors come into play when writing a Kindle book that is in play when you write any information product.

Amazon is actually just like a search engine. In fact, it’s considered the second most popular search engine outside of Google. However, when people are looking for specific information they actually use Amazon first. What that means is that you need to write a book on a niche topic that people search for. Plus, you need to ensure that the book solves a problem that people have within your niche just like any other product you create.

Since book buyers are actually a lot higher quality lead than you will ever get simply through blog posts, it’s important to make your Kindle book a step above anything else you’ve ever created. Then you need to launch it and promote it. You’ll do all that if you’re proud of the book you’ve written and published.

Since you’re going to bring in an entirely new type of audience into your business this is the time to think very carefully about what type of book you’ll publish. If you want it to attract thousands of readers, choose carefully and thoughtfully. This might take a little research.

  • What’s Selling Now? – Look at books on Amazon in your niche. Even if the books aren’t available in Kindle those books matter too. People who have Kindle devices are much more likely to buy a book on Kindle than one not on Kindle, so those topics are important too. If something is a best-seller and you can write a book on that topic, which speaks to your audience, then you will likely have a winning book on your hands.
  • Narrow Down The Focus – Since you really don’t want to write 50K words, narrow down your topic to one narrow focus. Solve one problem, educate on one issue, and keep it niched down so as not to overwhelm the reader.
  • Drill Down to One Reader – You’ve heard of the customer of one but take this further and think about one persona that you’d like to teach about your issue. Write your book to that one person. Doing that will help you make your book easier to read, especially if it’s on a technical topic because if you know who you’re writing to you’ll feel freer to use more interesting words.
  • Write What You Know – Don’t try to be someone you’re not when you write your book. Write from the heart what you know. Write how you talk without adding unnecessary words. If you are having trouble, try using voice to text software that is probably already on your computer to help.
  • Make an Outline – Yes, it’s like school all over again, but when you write a longer work like a book it’s imperative to write an outline in an order that makes sense. When you write an outline, you will be able to keep it better organized and ensure that you don’t leave anything out. You don’t have to be fancy; a list of topics, with subtopics, works well.
  • Keep It Simple – A book of “7 Ways You Can Make Money Publishing on Kindle” or “9 Ways to Lose Weight Fast While Eating All You Want” or other lists are great ways to write a good book for Kindle. Don’t make it harder than it is. Simple is always better.

Choosing what to write about will be the hardest part of Kindle publishing to build your list and sell more products. However, if you give it some thought, you will know what you need to write about to accomplish your goals and to help wow your audience.

Free Offers You Can Include In Your Book

Now that you’ve written your book, you need to consider which free offer you’ll include. The free offer needs to resonate with the reader, be something that adds to what they’re reading, and be beneficial and useful to the reader. In other words, it needs to add value to the reader of the book.

What Freebie Will Add Value? – You want the freebie to add value to the book you’ve written so it should be made exclusively for the book and almost like an additional component of the book. This will make them more likely to download it if it helps in their understanding of the book or helps them put the information in the book to use.

Examples: An action-packed checklist, templates they can use as their own, access to a Facebook group or community forum, or an app that helps them get results based on your book.

What Type of Freebie Would Your Audience Like? – You know your audience better than anyone else does. What would make them want to go download something, in addition, the book, giving away their information to you?

Example: Different types of audiences like different types of freebies, some like apps and some like more information. It’s up to you to choose a freebie that is right for your budget as well as a freebie that your readers want.

How Does Your Audience Like Obtaining Freebies? – Will they understand how to go to a landing page, enter their email address, and then opt-in when they get the double opt-in email? Will they understand how to click the link to find the download page?

Example: Build a landing page; send them straight to the download page; send the freebie via email; whatever you decide, give very explicit instructions when necessary to your audience.

Providing the free offer or lead magnet is going to build your list, as well as prove to your audience that you’re the expert and authority that they want to follow, if they want to solve their problems.

The Free Opt-in Process

Just in case you don’t understand how the free opt-in process looks, let’s go over it quickly. It’s not very hard it just seems hard if you think of it as a whole. This assumes you have a book and a freebie already.

You’ll need:

Your Kindle Book — This book will live on the Amazon website. You’ll simply upload it to their service where they’ll handle everything about the bookselling.

The Freebie – This may be an app, an information product, a checklist, or something that goes with the book and will add value.

A Landing Page – When your readers see the link in your book, they’ll type the link into their browser, which will take them to a landing page on your website. The landing page can be as simple as a form for the reader to opt-in to get the freebie. You can make something like this with Leadpages.net or Instapage.com software or even just your regular website software. The point of this page is to get the information from the readers so they can download the freebie.

An Auto Responder Service – You need a service like Aweber.com to collect and house the email addresses and other information you collect from your readers. This is also, where you’ll put a series of emails to inform and engage with your audience with the goal of promoting other products and services to them.

A Download Page – A download page is how your readers will, via the link sent to them by the autoresponder go grab their freebie. Some people send smaller freebies as attachments with the email from the autoresponder but the download page is actually better because you can easily change the download page up when you want to and it’s another chance to bring people to your business website.

A Thank You Page – This page will be used after they download the offer, which will enable you to provide a special offer or another offer to them that is a paid offer. You can send them right to that page after they download or you can send that page to them via email.

Your audience will read your book, notice the freebie mentioned at least three times in the book, and will go to the landing page, submit their email address and then they’ll get an email from the autoresponder that they’ll be required to opt-in affirmatively. Once they do that, the autoresponder will send them the email with the link to the freebie offer, which will take them to the download page. The download page will take them to the thank you page where you can make another offer to them after thanking them for reading your book and downloading the freebie.

Examples Books and Freebie Ideas

Let’s look at a few ideas and examples in different niches to get a good idea about how this looks.

Book Idea: Easy Weight Loss for Big Appetites

Freebie: 20 Nutritional Dense Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

Freebie Format: PDF Download

Book Idea: 7 Homeschool Ideas for Children with Sensory Disorders

Freebie: 20 Product Round-up of Educational Toys for Children with Sensory Disorders

Freebie Format: PDF Download

Book Idea: 20 Ways for New Moms to Exercise

Freebie: Exercise Tracking App

Freebie Format: Mobile App

Your freebie will be mentioned several times throughout the book. You can mention it in a sentence for example. When talking about exercising, how much you need to exercise to lose weight or build muscle, mention that you have a free tracking app just for readers with the easy to read a link that they won’t forget and can go to when they’re not looking at the book.

Turning Opt-ins Into Customers

Now that you have people signing up for your email lists via the freebie you’ve offered through the opt-in process, now you need to convert them into customers. The good thing is they’re already customers due to the fact they bought your book. Now you just need to keep them informed and interested.

  • Give Them More Free Stuff – When you give your audience a lot of free information and content whether it’s an exclusive email, something to download, or other information doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s relevant to the members of the list and somehow associated with the way they got on the list.
  • Give them a Peak behind the Scenes – You are why they joined the list, so it will thrill the list members for you to give them some insight into your life behind the scenes and how you are building your business or doing things related to your niche. If your niche is working from home, consider telling them how much you are making from various projects.
  • Announcements – If you’re having a webinar, going to be interviewed, or you’re hosting a Blab let your email list know. The more you can tell them about everything that you have done and will do, the more they’re going to trust you as the expert they believe you to be.
  • Recaps of Blogs – You can send out an announcement anytime you post a new blog post or you can do a weekly roundup of blog posts so that your audience comes to your website to read about what you’ve written.
  • Exclusive Sales & Offers – Almost every single email you send should either have an offer or be part of a series leading up to an offer. In other words, if you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get it.

When you send out the right information to your audience and work to build your list so that you can communicate with them easier and faster, at the right time, you’ll increase your sales exponentially.

Getting Started with Kindle Publishing

Now that you know that Kindle Publishing can build your email list and help you sell more products what are you waiting for? You likely have ideas for a book in your head already. If not, take a look at the blog posts, information products, and information you’ve already created and see if any of them can be repurposed into a unique book for you to offer on Kindle.

In order to experience success with Kindle Publishing as a means to build your list, you need to come up with a great topic, a valuable lead magnet, and then you also need to launch and promote the book.

  • Write Your Book – If you can’t write the book yourself, hire someone to do it for you. However, make sure that you’re involved so that you’ll understand the book you’re putting your name on. If you do write it yourself, get an editor – in fact – even if you have someone else write it, hire an editor.
  • Publish Your Book – Don’t skimp on the way your book looks. You can use many methods to format your book, but you need to have a professional looking book cover. This might be the most expensive part of your book although you can find some reputable people on Fiverr.com it’s important to be careful about images and purchase your own so you know what the terms of service are.
  • Give KDP Exclusive Rights – This feature on Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to offer your book free for a specific period, and offers the option to allow Amazon to advertise your book.
  • Upload Before Launch Date – If you have a launch date in mind be sure to upload your book before that launch date to ensure everything works well. You never know what could go wrong. Always preview your book so you know how it looks in enough time to edit if needed.
  • Get Reviews – You can’t buy reviews, it’s against the terms of service for KDP, but you can give people your book in PDF format. During launch week when your book is free, ask in the literature that you provide them to review your book.
  • Craft a Launch Plan – You have a lot of things to do such as issue a press release, announce your book on social media, announce on your blog, announce in different groups you’re in and so forth. Make sure you create a good plan so that you won’t forget any steps.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote – Don’t just promote your book once. During the free week, there are so many ways you can encourage readers to buy and/or join your list. A few things to consider doing include webinars, interviews, blog posts, reviews, and more. Leave no stone unturned. Tell people about your book every chance you get.

The great thing is, aside from building your list and becoming a published author, publishing a Kindle book will raise awareness about you and your business and push you to the next level if you understand that the real reward comes from people reading your book and signing up for your email list.

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