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Introduction to SEO for YouTube

Using SEO With YouTube


Hello and congratulations on getting access to this video course, on How To Optimize Your Videos Before Making Your YouTube Videos Live.

So this is Video #1, which is the Introduction to YouTube Search Engine Optimization.

So I want to first start out by saying the goal is to focus on doing the right amount of keyword research and video file optimization, before actually uploading any of it to YouTube. So essentially this is all about what most people forget about doing before making their YouTube video live.

Because if you think about it, most people think about ok, what do I do after I upload this video. They don’t really think about what they have to do before making it live. So this is not about what you can do afterwards as that is a totally different focus, but rather before.

So besides simple optimization, you really need to know that YouTube ranks the videos that people watch the longest. Meaning, let’s say for example that we have a 10 minute video, YouTube looks at that video, they look yes, at the likes, dislikes and comments, but they also look at ok, do people actually watch most of this video?

And based on, let’s say a 1000 views, how many of those 1000 views actually watched either 50% or 100% or how many minutes total a 1000 times, how many minutes was watched. So they really look at how long people watch the videos as a whole. Meaning, the more views and the longer that they watch, that will get you ranked up further and further up.

So instead of focusing on spammy tactics, tons of backlinks and all of that, our goal here is to really focus on the user experience. So what I want to do now is give you a quick overview of what’s inside this video course. This is of course Video #1. Video #2 is going to be about Competitive Research, or in other words researching your competitors to kind of get a better idea of why YouTube is ranking those videos.

Video #3, we will talk about Highly Searched Keyword Terms, and how you can find those, for your product or service or whatever you are trying to promote. Video $3, we will talk about Your Title and Your Description. Video #5, we will talk about Video File Optimization, so we are going to optimize the actual file, because each file has essentially information in that.

And of course, Video #6, we will talk about Why Your Thumbnail is Important, and how to make it professional and good looking. And Video #7, we will talk about Video Length and why that matters. We talked briefly about it just now, but I am going to dive in deeper in that video. And of course last but not least, I am going to give you a Secret Tip on how to Outrank Your Competitors in Video #8.

So before we get started, I want to talk about what you need to have in hand. You are definitely going to need your product or service, and an idea of the niche that you are targeting. You also need to have a video that is ready to be uploaded.

And with that said, let’s move on to Video #2.


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