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How To Upload A Video To YouTube

Uploading A Video To Promote On YouTube


We are just one more step before we can show you how to create your first YouTube video advertising campaign. In this post, we are going to show you how to easily upload a video that you can use to advertise on YouTube.

Start on the YouTube home page. Now go to the “upload” button located on the top dashboard menu, click on it and wait for the next page to load. Now you will land on the “upload” page, from where you will be able to upload your advertising videos.

Here you will have three options to add videos to your account. The first option is the classic “select files to upload” option, which will allow you to select video files from your computer that you can upload to the YouTube platform.

The second option is the “import videos” option. This option will allow you to import videos from your “Google Photos” account. This option is mostly used by people uploading videos taken from their mobile devices, which are directly saved on a Google Photo account.

The last option is the “Live streaming” option, which is simply the option to launch live broadcasts. These live sessions can be saved to your YouTube channel for people to watch later on.

Now, for advertising videos, you are going to use the “Select files to upload” option because that is the best way to upload your promotional video productions. Please note that you can only upload videos no longer than 15 minutes until you verify your account by phone.

If you haven’t done so you have to simply click on the “Increase your limit” link shortcut below the upload box. Then you will simply have to select your country as well as a way to receive a phone verification code to your mobile phone number either by automated voice message or text message, then you will have to enter your mobile phone number and click on submit to receive your code and verify your number.

Alright, so let’s go back to the upload page. Start by clicking on the video “privacy” settings drop-down menu to select your new video’s privacy set up. You will have the options to make your video “public,” “unlisted”, “private” or “scheduled”.

Our recommendation for you is to set your new advertising video as “public”. Then you will simply have to click on the “select files to upload” button. Now locate your advertising video on your computer and double click on it. Now wait for it to fully upload and process. Awesome! Now it is time to add your video’s basic info. Start by entering the title, then the description and the tags. Now select a thumbnail for your video in the “video thumbnails” section.

You can check the “Twitter” box to share your new video on Twitter, and you can also click on the “ad to playlist” button to add this new video to one of your playlists. Once you have entered your basic info you can move on to the “translations” and “advanced settings” tabs. In the “translations” section you will be able to select the original video language as well as to add new translations. Now, in the “advanced settings” section you will be able to set up additional settings.

Here you will be able to “allow comments” on your video and to select whether to show them all, to show only appropriate comments, or to require approval before showing a comment. You will also be able to sort comments either by “top comments” or “newest first”.

You will be able to select your video category, to specify your video location, to select your video language, to allow community contributions, to enter a recording date, to allow video statistics to be shown on the watch page, and to customize additional advanced settings such as syndication, caption certifications, distribution options and content declarations.

Once you are done customizing all of your basic info and advanced settings you will be ready to finally post your video to the platform, and you will simply have to click on the “publish” button to get it done. Awesome! Now your video has been fully uploaded and posted.

In our following post we will be showing you how to set up your first video ad campaign using your newly uploaded video, so make sure to tune in!

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