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How To Pin With Pinterest

Get Started With Pinterest

Once you receive the Pinterest invitation, go ahead and sign up for your free account. Fill out the profile information and add a quick profile picture. Now you’re ready to pin!

Step 1: Create Pin Boards.

Before you can pin anything, you need to create boards.  Think about the topics that would be relevant to your niche.

If you have a website about dog training, some boards you should include would be “Pet Food”, “Pet Toys”, “Pet Photos”, “Pet Training”, “Cute Pets”, etc.creating pinterest board

Don’t stay too restrictive in the Boards you create. You should also add a few boards on other topics that interest you just to make it look natural. You want to appear like a real person, rather than a walking advertisement.

You can begin by creating five or six boards. As you go along, you can always add more or edit them to meet your needs.

Anytime you pin a new image, it will give you the option to pin it to an existing board or create a new one.

Step 2: Pin, Pin, Pin!

Now that you have a few pin boards prepared, it’s time to start pinning. It’s up to you how much you pin each day, but in order to avoid looking spammy or overwhelming followers, it’s probably best to stick to 15-20 images each day.

My strategy is to spend about 5 or 10 minutes everyday pinning stuff I like on Pinterest. With the Pinterest iPhone app, this is super easy. I can actually do my pinning in the school carpool line or while I’m waiting on my lunch at the restaurant.

So how do you choose what to pin? Well, it needs to be a blend of a few different kinds of images.

First, you should be pinning stuff you find while browsing on the web. To make this easier, install a “Pin It” button on your toolbar by going here:


Second, repin interesting pins that you spot on Pinterest.  Just browse through the pins from people you follow or through the “Everything” tab. You can even do a custom search on Pinterest if you are looking for something in particular.

Third, don’t forget to pin stuff from your own website! Be sure you only pin high quality images and put them on boards where they are relevant. If they look out of place, no one will be fooled by your pinning madness!

Step 3: Get Tons of Followers to Repin Your Pins

Pinterest is only as good as your followers make it. If no one ever repins your stuff, it’s pretty much a waste of time.  That’s why you spent all that time and effort creating high quality images for every post on your blog, right?

So now that you are using Pinterest, you need to get people to follow you. That way more people are exposed to what you are pinning each day.

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