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How To Guide For Facebook Live

Guide to Facebook Live


Facebook Live is a video streaming feature on Facebook. It allows you to capture what you’re doing or thinking in real time. Some people use it to explore their thoughts about a current issue, share events they aren’t able to attend in real life like a family reunion, and some want to connect with others who share their hobbies or belief.

Businesses are also starting to use Facebook Live. Depending on the brand, a business might want to share a recent company milestone or they may want to announce a new product through live streaming. This gives them instant feedback from the community they serve and makes it easier to get the word out about their news.

There are three ways you can use FB Live. You can use it on your personal profile, in a Facebook group, or on your brand’s page. If you’re looking to share a quick update about your life with your family and friends, you’ll want to opt to live stream through your personal profile. Here’s how to get started:

Using Facebook Live on Your Personal Profile

First, you’ll want to log into your Facebook account and go to your profile.


On your profile, look for the status box where there will be a ‘Live Video’ link.


Now, you can write a brief description of what you’ll be talking about or doing during your video. Then adjust your privacy settings. You can choose to make this live stream only viewable to yourself, your friends, or the public. When you’re happy with your description and privacy settings, click the ‘Next’ button.


Depending on your browser settings, Facebook may ask to access your camera and microphone. Click ‘Allow’.


Next, a preview window will load.


The preview is your chance to see what you’ll look like before you go live, so pay attention. Is the lighting good? Can you see yourself clearly? If you wear glasses, are they reflecting the screen? Is your background neat and free from distractions?

While these are small issues, they can frustrate your viewers and make them click away from your stream before you have a chance to interact with them.

Once you’re ready to begin, click the ‘Go Live’ Button.

Record your live stream like you would any other video. You may see friends or family pop on to leave comments while you’re recording. Some people chat back and forth with commenters during their videos. Keep in mind that Facebook Live is popular because you can connect in real time with your viewers.

Click the ‘Finish’ button when you’re done with your broadcast.


Now, Facebook gives you the option to decide what you want to do with your video. Click ‘Done’ if you’re happy with your recording.


If something went wrong or you don’t like your video, click ‘Delete Video’ instead.


Using Facebook Live in a Group

Now that you’re becoming more familiar with how to work Facebook’s Live feature, it’s time to learn how to start a live stream in a group. Before you begin, remember to consider your privacy settings. A group that’s marked open means anyone will be able to see your video.

First, choose the group you’d like to be in during your live stream. You can find your groups by clicking ‘Groups’.


Then click on the word ‘Groups’ again to find the groups where you’re already a member.


If you’re on a laptop or tablet, you can find your groups by clicking here. If you’re on a smartphone, then click here for the mobile-friendly version of your groups.

Now, look for the group where you’d like to live stream and click on it.

Once you’re inside the group, look for the status box at the top. You should see a ‘More’ link with an option for ‘Live Video’.


Then add a quick description about your video and click the ‘Next’ button.


Just like with your personal profile, you’ll see a preview of what your video will look like. Make sure there’s nothing distracting in camera view then click ‘Go Live’.


Once you’re done with your live stream, click the ‘Finish’ button.


Now, you have the option to publish your video for the entire group to see. Click the ‘Done’ button if you’re satisfied with it.


If for some reason, you’re unhappy with your video, you can click ‘Delete Video’ instead.


Deleting the video will keep it from being displayed in the group. However, the viewers who were present when you went live still saw your video.

Using Facebook Live on Your Page

Facebook lets everyone use the live feature including brands and businesses that have a Facebook page. Use this feature when you have exciting news to share with your fans or when you want to communicate valuable information to them.

To get started, go to your Facebook fan page by clicking ‘Pages’.


Next, look for the ‘Your Pages’ link.


You can find your Facebook page on a laptop or tablet by clicking here. To find it on a mobile device, click here.

Pick the page you’d like to broadcast live from.


Once you’re on your page, look for your status box. Below it, you’ll see several options including ‘See All’.


When you click ‘See All’, you’ll find a recorder icon for Facebook Live. Click on that icon.


Now, add a description and click ‘Next’. Since Facebook Pages are public, your video will automatically be made public as well. There’s no way to change this setting currently.


Next, you’ll be able to see your video preview, just like when you stream to your personal profile or in a Facebook group. Take a moment to check the preview. Look for harsh shadows, food between your teeth, and background items you don’t want seen (like that family photo).

Once you’re ready, click the ‘Go Live’ button.


After you’re done recording, click the ‘Finish’ button.


Like with personal profiles and group streaming, you’ll get the option to publish your video across Facebook once you’re done.


If there was a technical problem or you just didn’t like your video, you can delete the video before it’s added to your Facebook page.


Facebook Live is a great new feature that individuals and businesses are using to connect with their communities. Live streaming is fun, fast, and rewarding. Try it today!

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