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Gumroad Shop Setup Guide

Fast Track Guide: Setting Up Your Gumroad Shop


Every business needs an online presence, where products can be sold and purchased. Thanks to technology and Gumroad, it has never been easier to create, sell, and deliver your items directly to your audience. Gumroad offers all the tools and functionality you need to set up a storefront, shopping cart, product list, mailing list, and more.

Gumroad is an all-in-one, e-commerce, online platform. It can be integrated with an existing website, such as WordPress, or serve as your product site. It’s easy to set up and use. It’s packed with robust features even in the free option.

In this guide, we will focus on how to set up a store using Gumroad. This enables you to start building your list and pre-selling, even before your product is finished.


Gumroad is quick and easy to set up. There is a completely free version so you’re not locked into monthly or yearly payments. Plus, one of the big advantages is that you can build a relationship with potential buyers through updates. This is not always possible with other sites, such as most print on demand platforms (PODs.)

It allows you to create a free account with a lot of powerful marketing features, which can help any new business get off the ground for $0 and only the transaction fees payable. You don’t need to worry about domain names, hosting, email marketing, creating an affiliate program, or marketing your products and services via social media. You can do all of this within your Gumroad account. You do not need to jump through hoops on multiple sites.

If you choose to upgrade, the cost will only be $10 per month (plus the transaction fees.) They aren’t selling you a lot of things you don’t need. They are also adding new analytical features all the time, so you can get to know your customer well. This, in turn, should help you sell even more products. You will be able to see exactly what buyers want and can give it to them.

Like a website, a successful store is one that is fresh, interesting, and up to date, with a professional appearance. Gumroad will show your profile, with a list of your products underneath. All potential customers will have to do is log in and buy. Here is an example of what a basic account looks like.


The free templates are fine for most people to start with. If you ever change your mind, your shop can grow and change with you.

Here’s an example of what an upgraded and customized store can look like:

This is Kyle’s customized shopfront on Gumroad. You can tell by the URL, “gumgumroad.com/kyletwebster#road,” that you are actually on Gumroad rather than his website, where he has a blog, gallery, and has integrated the shop/products into his WordPress website.

The choice is yours. It will take some time and patience to set up things just the way you want them, but there is plenty of help in the learning center.

The more products your ad to your account, the more your business and profits will grow. Soon, you’ll have a great looking shop, packed with hot products and great resources for your target market.


Gumroad is excellent for creative types who want to sell digital items including music, films, ebooks, or software. You can also sell educational courses, physical products, and other items.

Create your account by connecting with your Facebook or your Twitter account. You may also choose to enter your email and a password. If using the social media “connect” method, it will ask permission to access your data. Say yes. Note: It will show your name on the products you post, so be sure you link to the business Facebook or Twitter account, not your one.

  1. You can connect using Facebook or Twitter to import info. You may also just add a username and password from the form. Below, we connected to a social media account.

Once logged in, you will see your name and avatar on the top right. You will also see a blue number 2 next to it. Click on the number. You will see:

  1. Click to add a user name. On the next screen, you will see:

Fill these in. The username can only contain lower case letters and numbers.

The default email is one attached to your Facebook or Twitter account. Edit as needed based on the terms stated in the interface, namely:

You might wish to use a ‘business email’ address you know you will check regularly, or one which will be maintained as a customer service box by any staff you may have to help you.

  1. Decide how you wish to handle customer support. You have 2 choices, email, or messages.

For email, you can state an email address that will look professional enough for it to be a good choice for dealing with your customers. As it states, “This email is listed on the receipt of every sale.” In other words, the name of the seller is the email address you list and will appear at the top of the receipt in the basic version of the Gumroad service.

You can also choose their messaging system. This is a paid feature as part of an upgraded account. This might be handier if you don’t want to show your email address, or you prefer to check the interface rather than your email.

You can log into the Gumroad interface from anywhere as long as you know your user name and password. In this way, you can check if you have any new messages, what orders have come in, and so on. If you do a lot of traveling, this might be your best choice.

  1. Set the language, time zone, and currency options.

Here is their default example:

At this time, they have a choice of 16 currencies, including pounds, Euros, yen, and rupees. Note that once you select a currency, you will not be able to change it.

Gumroad is based in San Francisco, so they are on Pacific time. Set your local time to keep things in sync with your business hours.

  1. Set your sales tax

If you are in the US, set the sales tax for the state/s you are doing business in (have nexus in):

If you are in New York and New Jersey, for example, because you have 2 business locations, you would add both states.

  1. Decide if you would like to be included in Gumroad Discover.

Gumroad Discover recommends your products to people who have just purchased similar products. This cross-selling is instant marketing for your items based on the niche interest.

Note that there is a 10% additional fee on top of the regular fees Gumroad charges. However, the Discover program can be well worth it, if it gives you a steady stream of new customers who might not otherwise find your products.

It is also automated marketing, which means it is a hands-free way to promote to people interested in the kind of content you are going to sell. Also, you only pay if your product sells, so you have nothing to lose, as compared with traditional advertising.

A note about fees: The fees per sale for Gumroad are currently 8.5% plus 30 cents per transaction in the free account, and 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction for the paid account.

So, in a free account, a $1 item would be 8.5 cents in fees + 30 cents in transaction fees. A $10 item would be 85 cents in fees + 30 cents per transaction.

  1. Save your account details

When you are done, click to update your account details.

You can change them at any time as needed.

  1. Confirm your account

Check your Inbox for a confirmation email. Click on the link to confirm your account so it can go live when you wish it to.

  1. Go to the Dashboard Tab. Look to the left on the top menu.

When you first open your account, you can fill out more details about yourself to help them determine what kind of content they should email you to help you with setup and running your new store successfully.

They will ask for your level of experience and what currency you wish to be paid in. Note that you will not be able to change the type of currency in the future.

Select the items you plan to sell. Click on each relevant icon, such as ebook and courses. When you are done, click to continue. It will give you two options, to read tips on how to grow your audience or to share your profile:

To share your profile, you need to set it up. Let’s do this step next.


Your profile will be your home page and shopfront for your products. You need to make it as interesting and professional-looking as possible.

  1. Click on the Profile tab on the far right.

This is where you can start to customize your account. You will see this menu on the left side of the new page.

  1. Choose your style

Gumroad has its default style, and 4 others to choose from in the free account. Click the toggle for the Style menu to a dropdown. Toggle through to see how each of the free options will change in terms of color, style, and shape of avatar, for example, from round to square.

Note: A paid account unlocks more choices and allows you to modify the CSS (custom style sheet.)

  1. Set your Profile picture

The image will be pulled from your log in choice, such as Facebook. If you want a custom image, click upload to get it from your computer.

It does not state the size for the picture, but a 125 x 125 image works well.

  1. Add your company details

Under the image, it will show your user name or Facebook account name. Click to change it. Then click under the name to add “About Us” type content to the site.

Type in your information. Check the spelling, and then choose one of the actions on the top right:

Save changes first. Then preview. Check for errors. When you are finished, move on to the next tab on the left, connections. ,

  1. Add your connections:

We signed in using Facebook, so that account is already connected. If you want to connect with Twitter, click on that choice. It will ask the app permission to contact your account.

  1. Click on the Follow Form tab.

It will give you options for the CTA type of offer of your button. Once you choose, it will give you the HTML code to embed on your website or blog pages.

The button choices include:

  • Follow
  • Subscribe
  • Submit
  • Sign Up

If you want to collect the email address of interested people, choose the call to action related to your goals, such as to get subscribers or mailing list sign-ups. Toggle to the one that meets your needs.

Under the toggle menu, you will see the embed code and a preview of what the signup form will look like.

Your offer should be valuable, exciting, and wanted. Edit as needed.

Next, look for this small arrow icon on the left of the CTA and slightly below your image.

You will see this image:

Use the link that shows in the box to link to your sign up form directly. This allows you to connect with customers who are interested in all you have to offer. You will also see an explanation-you- you are building an email list to get followers (who you can then sell to).

When you are finished with all your changes, look up on the top right of your screen. You will see:

Click to save changes first. Then hit the slider button to Preview what your form will look like. Edit as needed and save again.

Copy and paste the link for growing your following to make sure it works correctly. Use another browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox just to make sure it looks correct and is live. Enter your email address to test it to make sure it is working.

Now, look at the Dashboard tab.

You should see a new follower, that is, you.

If you click on the Email button, you can send a message to your contacts. With the free account, you will be allowed to send out 4 emails each month. This means you have also set up an email marketing platform through Gumroad, so you don’t need another service such as Aweber or Constant Contact.

If you are just starting in business online, your Gumroad account will help you do everything you need to run a professional eCommerce site.


Now that you have opened an account and created a user profile your customers can see, it is time to configure your account.

  1. Click on your name on the far right at the very top of the interface, you will see this menu dropdown.

The first choice will let you upgrade to a paid account. The second tab will show you how much income you have earned. The third tab lets you switch to become a buyer yourself of other items available on Gumroad.

  1. Click on that choice and you will see:

  1. Click on Settings. You will see your language preference and email address. The top menu will change to look like this:

So you can search for items you wish to buy, see their Discover recommendations, follow sellers, look at your library of what you have ordered, and which sellers you are following.

  1. If we click “Switch to selling”, we will see the usual menu at the top of our page:

Go back to the drop-down menu and click on Settings.

You will see this menu on the top left:

  1. We have already seen the Settings page and fill in the essentials, such as user name and email. Review it if you wish to make sure you have everything looking the way you wish.
  1. If you click Payout, you can fill in your financial information to get paid. This is a crucial step, so you need to do this carefully. You will need your checkbook with your banking details and your social security number, or a Tax ID for a business account.

Choose your account type, Individual or Business. We will walk you through each option, starting with business.

With an Individual account, insert your social security number.

Note: If you are nervous about identity theft, and live in the US, apply for a Tax ID (also known as an EIN [Employee Identification Number]. It’s free.

Once you get your EIN and create a company, such as an LLC, you can open a business bank account to keep your finances separate from your business. (Note that the cost of an LLC varies from state to state but is usually around $150.)

If you will be paid as an individual, fill out your name and address:

Add your birthdate and the last 4 digits of your social security number:

Add your banking information, such as the name on the account, routing number, and account number. Then, click Finish.

If you are enrolling as a business, insert your business name, type, and address.

Add the Tax ID that you applied for.

Add the Name and address of the main representative for the business if it is not the same as the information listed for the business.

Next, add the representative’s date of birth and last 4 digits of their social security number. This is due to regulations regarding who can open a business in the US.

Next, add your bank account details for your business bank account.

Now you should be all ready to accept direct payments into your account regularly. Note that the payment threshold, that is, the minimum payout to your account, will be $10 USD.

  1. Change your password occasionally for added security. Move along the top left tab from left to right, your next option is Password:

  1. Create Advanced settings on the Advanced tab.

There are several settings, most of them reserved for those with a paid account. Options include:

If you have your URL, you can add it here and then be able to use your Gumroad store at that site as well.

The Ping option will alert you every time you have a sale. This would be useful if you need to mail out orders for physical goods quickly.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking traffic and customer activity. You can add your Google Analytics ID and URL to your Gumroad store to observe what people are doing at it.

First, you need a free Gmail account. Then you can sign up through Gmail for Analytics.

Once you have opened a free account in Google Analytics, you can scroll down to the last item on the Google Analytics menu, Admin:

Click on it and choose the first option at the top of the list of choices that will appear:

You will see your basic account settings:

Copy and paste the Google account ID showing into your Gumroad interface. Then add the URL of your Gumroad account.

The next section is:

If you use other analytics software, you can enter the code in this section.

But since you are probably a complete beginner, and don’t have a website of your own, you are not likely to have any third-party analytics programs. So while this is not something you need to worry about now, it is a good idea to use Google Analytics to get tracking in place so you can measure the eventual success of your business.

When you have finished your changes on the Advanced tab, go up to the right and click:

If you ever want to delete your account, go all the way to the bottom of this tab and you will see:

This is a permanent change, so be positive that you want to do this before you click the link.

  1. Enroll affiliates. Working our way down the account menu, our next choice is Affiliates:

Affiliates can help you sell your products in exchange for a commission. Invite people you know to sell one or more of your products.

Enter their email address and toggle the product you want them to sell, or add as many products as you like to the list of what they can sell (once you have created the products, of course!)

Choose and type in a commission percentage. For a physical product, most commissions will be in the range of 10%. For a digital product, they will usually be 50% or higher, up to 75%.

Note that you can send your affiliates to a particular URL, not just the URL of the product in question. For example, if you already had a site or blog and wanted to add eCommerce capability to it, you could send them to a detailed information page and add a Gumroad buy now button to that page.

You could also send them to your Follow page so you could mail them more information about those and other products. This is a good strategy so your affiliates don’t just drive traffic and they leave, but instead, sign up to follow you, so you can both get to know each other.

When you are finished with your invitation, click the small email button and your invitation will be sent. The people you invite will be given a special code to track every sale they make on your behalf, so they can get paid their commissions.

  1. Send out invites. Click on the Invites tab to recommend Gumroad to others. If they accept and start an account, Gumroad will waive your fee for a month for the upgraded service.

Invite by Email using the box on the left, and on Facebook and Twitter by using the icons on the right. You can also use the URL you see in the box in the middle.

Once you have sent the invite, it will show you a list of who you have invited, the person’s email address and status:

  1. Finally, Log Out:

This is a good habit to get into if you tend to access your Gumroad account from more than one computer.

Every business needs a place where they can sell their products online. This requires a place, often a shop, with eCommerce capabilities. If you’re eager to start selling without a lot of high fees or confusing menus to deal with, Gumroad is one of the best eCommerce platforms to use. This is especially true if your products involve creative skills as with independent writers or authors, designers, software developers, musicians, artists, teachers, filmmakers, and crafters.

You can sell anything from digital to physical products, software, educational courses, and more. However, there are a few exceptions. Please make sure you read their TOS carefully.

You are not allowed to sell/charge for some things. Some items can only be offered if you use the “Variants Feature” and follow those rules closely. If you have a service, you’ll want to pay close attention to this section.

Take time to set up your account completely. It will give you an edge in creating, marketing, selling your products, building your business, and making profits. Set up your Gumroad account to get started now.

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