Grow Your Instagram Audience 4

Growing Your Instagram Audience

Analytics & Metrics

When it comes to getting Instagram right, you need to eventually start looking at the numbers. As they say, “nothing is done until the paperwork is done”. This is true when it comes to growing a loyal audience on Instagram, too. If you want to convert, you need to attract the right followers, engage with them, and know if what you’re doing is working. The only way to do that is to study the metrics available to you.

  • Followers – How many followers are you getting each period? Do you notice which types of shares get the most followers? When you cross promote, which social media cross posts work to help you get more followers?
  • Top Followers – Who are your top followers, and how can you engage them more and get them to promote you more? When you know how those top influencers and engagers are, you can use them to your advantage by sharing more content that they’d like with them, and by shouting out to them on occasion.
  • Engagement – Which followers engage with you most, who are their friends and what type of content do you share to get more engagement? You should notice a pattern in your study of the metrics that you can use to reproduce the results that you want to do.
  • Posting History – You can see all the posts you’ve ever liked, see the posts your friends have liked, and so on. There is a lot of information that will help you with your analytics within posting history for yourself, those you’ve followed, and those with whom you want to engage.

Studying your analytics and metrics will help you improve upon your interactions on Instagram so that everything you do is effective in building that loyal and responsive audience.


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Advertising on Instagram

Running ads on Instagram is a great way to build up followers. You can add a free give away link in your bio, and then run an advertisement on Facebook to build a following, build your email list and more.

  • Connect Instagram With Facebook – To run ads you have to connect Instagram to Facebook via your settings on Facebook. Once you connect them, via Facebook in your settings you’ll see a heading called Instagram Ads. When you connect Instagram there, you’ll be able to run ads using Facebook’s power editor.
  • Choose Which Type of Ad You Want To Run – You can run an image, video or carousel ad. Choose the ads you want to run depending upon your goal. Ideally, you’ve already created the advertisement and understand what you want to accomplish.
  • Choose the Right Audience – You can use Facebook’s targeting options for your Instagram ads but not all of them. You’ll be able to choose location, demographics, interests, actions and more. This is the same way that you would choose a target for Facebook ads.
  • Create Amazing Visuals – We’ve discussed the importance of visuals before, but in ads it’s even more imperative that you create attention grabbing images for your ads. Instagram is known for beautiful imagery and visuals and you can’t skimp now on advertisement creation.
  • Remember The CTA – Nothing is more important than your call to action. Right now you can include text in photos for Instagram ads, which can help you make a very text heavy advertisement if needed.
  • Don’t Forget the Hashtags – You can locate the popular Hashtags within your niche or you can make up one of your own to put on the advertisement. One way is to use hashtags that your influencers are using. Use a hashtag you’ve discovered on me.

You can run a relatively inexpensive Instagram advertisement via Facebook’s editor that gets results, but you need to ensure that you have a plan in place for the campaign. For example, you may need to redo your profile to add a special notice for your freebie if you’re building your list or a link to your website if you’re trying to get readers. It all depends on the goals of your campaign on how you proceed.

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