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Getting Quality Traffic From Pinterest 2

Prepare Your Site for Pinterest Pins!

You don’t have to wait for the invitation to start getting ready to use Pinterest. The first step is to make sure your website is ready for Pinterest.

Add Lots of Photos

First, you should be sure that every single post has at least one great photo. Choose high quality images that will grab a reader’s attention and illustrate the point of that particular blog post or web page.

If you don’t have a talent in the photography department, don’t worry! You can find tons of great stock photos online at sites like www.sxc.hu or www.istockphoto.com.

Other good resources are Flikr or even Google images.  Just make sure you check the copyright information on any photo you use and give credit where credit is due.

If you end up needing high quality photos and just can’t find one for free online, don’t hesitate to purchase the images. It is truly a worthwhile investment in your online business to have great photos that people will pin.

This will generate more traffic and ultimately increase your revenue from your website. So basically, it’s worth every dime!

Another huge benefit of adding photos is getting indexed in Google images. When you add a photo, be sure to include the appropriate alt tags to the image describing what it is with good keywords.

Then Google will include your image in the image searches for those keywords. You could get another five, ten, or even fifty visitors each day from image searches.

When they go to Google images and search for a term, a small picture will pop up that leads them to your website.  It looks like this…

pinterest sample

The traffic you get from Google images might not always be top quality conversion traffic, but it still counts.

Another advantage of using lots of images on your website is that people will sometimes copy them and use them on their own web pages, while giving credit to the original link.

This creates valuable backlinks (and we all need those to rank high with Google!), which points people to your website when they spot your images scattered around the web.

Add a “Pin It” Button

The second step to prepare your website for Pinterest is to add a simple “Pin It” button.

pinterest button

This is a quick reminder to your readers to add the post to their pin boards so they can remember it when needed.  Right now, there are already thousands of people using Pinterestt and there are more joining everyday.

These visual reminders to use Pinterest while browsing the web are a great way to get attention from new pinners and old pinners alike.

To get the most pins, try putting the “Pin It” button as close to the image as you can. That way, they can click it right away before they get distracted by something else.

You can add “Pin It” buttons in a couple of different ways.  If you are using WordPress, the easiest method is to use a Pinterest plug-in. You can get a great “Pin It” button plug-in here:



pinterst button2

If you aren’t using WordPress, you can still put a “Pin It” button on your website using some basic coding. Pinterest provides you with the custom code  here:


When you enter all your information on the Pinterest questionnaire, it will automatically generate a “Pin It” button code that you can put on your website.

pinterest buton code


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