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Einstein Famous Quotes

Einstein said “A person wno never made a mistake never tried anything new”.  How many quotes like that have you heard ? Much can be said about each of us, don’t you believe? When was the first time you got burned even after your Mother told you not to touch the flame or burner?

The truth is that we all learn from our mistakes (quotes).  You get burned once then you dont want to do it again because of the outcome, it hurts.  The same applies to life even more so if you are famous. How many mistakes did they make and learn from?  Plenty.

If you are a social media marketer you make plenty errors before you become profitable.  You learn not to be afraid to make a mistake.  How much improvement you gain depends directly proportion to the times you tried and failed.

So when someone states the quotes by Einstein, Roosevelt and others remember how many trial attempts were made before they finally succeeded.  The facts are that we will get no where fast if we don’t try anything new.

Now don’t you feel better?  Probably not.  To succeed in life you have to make mistakes in order to learn. Some of us are faster learners than others, and some get stuck in a rut.  So modify your opt-in forms with better content, colors, animations and what else it takes to get one that rocks.

Do A/B split testing to determine which is better and change to that one, but then start testing again immediately on a newer version.

We must evolve to survive in this crazy world.  Remember how you got this far, but it took a lot of learning to get here.  People nowadays are progressing faster and faster.  We now have better tools that just a paper and pencil, but still need to learn the basics to understand the present day tools.

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