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Early-Stream Pre-shows

Attract Viewers With Early-Stream Pre-shows


When you are new, getting viewers can be difficult, at first. This is usually because you don’t have many or any people on a mailing list that you can notify. Even if you have a healthy list, it can be difficult to get people to view-live or attend the event a little early. Turn this into a non-issue. Attract viewers with a compelling reason to attend your pre-show segment or be an “early bird.”

This preshow, early-streaming strategy is effective for new and veteran video creators. The strategy can be used just as a short-term solution, as you grow your mailing list. It can also be a long-term solution to reach people outside your circles.

Pre-show segments appeal to audience members for many reasons. As with everything else, a need motivates your audience to attend your pre-show – the need for more. In general, your audience wants more…

  • Insider Information
  • Peer/Niche Networking Time
  • Answers & Advice from You
  • Early Bird Discounts
  • and Exclusive Resources

Your audience is eager to attend the pre-show to get what they really want and need. Incorporate a few of these things into each pre-show. Not only will your audience benefit; but, the early-stream pre-show activity will compel others to investigate and stay for the “official” show/event.


Let your potential viewers know what to expect in the pre-show by sending out a teaser post and other notifications. Be sure that you also send out notices for the pre-show on all of your social media accounts.

Start early streaming the pre-show a few minutes after you log in and send out the first pre-show teaser post. Make sure the post mentions the pre-show, as well as the main show or event, start time, and the link. Your goal here is to get the audience involved now and warm them up for the main show or event.

You don’t have to use all of the pre-show footage in the replay but a clip of it can show potential viewers why they need to watch, as well as how open, enjoyable, and informative the main show will likely be.

I have tried to cover early-stream pre-shows as well as possible.  Do you have any further ideas, I would like to hear from you. Do you think I covered this topic ?  What do you think?

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