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Curating and Creating Video Content

Video Content Curation and Creation


So, you want to create videos that compel your audience to attend every live-streaming video you create. But…you feel like you’ve already added enough written content on the main subjects to choke a horse. Now, you’re left wondering, “where on earth can I find fresh ideas to create relevant videos?”

The short answer is everywhere. You can find inspiration all around you if you look for it and you think like your audience. Depending on your audience’s demographics, you may have to jump into your personal “way-back-when machine” and take a trip to remind you how things look and feel to your audience.

When you view things from your audience’s perspective, it’s easier to find great topics for video content. You see, your video goals are similar to those of your written content. You want to educate, inspire, entertain, and help solve problems.

With that in mind, the first thing you want to do during your search is looking at the most popular content on your website. Note the titles and links of the top 5-10 posts. Do the same thing for your top-selling products, freebies, and even affiliate sales.

Carefully look at these. Brainstorm how you can repurpose the content. Can you give it a slightly different slant to apply to a different audience subset? Also, note new info, statistics, or examples you can add to create an up-to-date video.

Other sources of video content inspiration might include:

  • Niche or industry news sources
  • Niche Magazine or Newsletter
  • Thought to provoke meme messages
  • Niche related stories from audience
  • Niche-related causes and issues
  • Niche authority sites
  • Competitors’ videos
  • Niche quote lessons
  • Podcasts & Webinars
  • TV & Radio Shows
  • Everyday Life

When you are searching for a good topic for your next video, begin at your own site. Then go to all of your favorite places for niche news and tips. If something catches your attention and you feel strongly about it, your audience will probably feel the same way. Put your own spin on the video topics you choose, in order to meet your audience’s needs. They will be thrilled with your efforts and insights.s

My Comments

I have tried both ways and let me tell you, either way, is hard work.  Creation is difficult by itself, but with curation, you need to find several sources first.  Next, you have to design and build a website for it, which includes purchasing some quality plugins that will publish automatically with images included (~$200). The setup of these plugins is tedious not to mention checking regularly. The trade-off is that when your curate you don’t have to create but the work is still the same, if not more.

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