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Creator Studio Walkthrough

Studio Walkthrough for the Creator


Now that you have your own YouTube channel you are more than ready to start using it to upload your awesome advertising videos. Uploading videos are easy, but you will need to know how to manage them after uploading them, and the “creator studio” is your personalized YouTube control panel for that.

To go to your YouTube Creator Studio simply click on your account icon in the top right corner and click on the “creator studio” button while logged into your YouTube channel. You will be taken to your Creator Studio Dashboard, where you will have a quick overview of your videos and analytics.

You will also be able to see your channel notifications, recent comments made on your channel and channel related news. You can edit the way in which this information is arranged on your channel by using the “add widget” button.

Let’s now look at the tabs on the left-hand menu, starting with the “video manager” tab, where you will have access to your videos and to your playlists. In the “videos” section you can check and manage all your uploaded videos.

You can use the “edit” drop-down menu on each video to edit stuff such as “info and settings”, “enhancements” and “audio”, among other settings. You can make bulk edits on your videos by selecting videos from your list and then clicking on the “actions” menu on top.

Such edits include privacy and license settings, as well as to perform bulk deletes. You can also add videos to a playback list by using the “add to” button.  Let’s now check the “playlists” section by clicking on the “playlists” submenu tab. In this section, you will find your video playlists, which you can create by using the “new playlist” button.

The “live streaming” section is where you will be able to set up YouTube live streaming sessions. You will have two live streaming options available: “stream now”, which is the easiest way to launch live video sessions on YouTube, and “events”, which allows you to set up professional-grade live broadcasts.

In the “community” section you will be able to check and manage your community interactions such as comments and messages, to see who are your public subscribers, to configure community settings such as moderator settings, user settings, content blocking settings and to edit default comment settings.

Lastly, the credits section will give you access to a list of videos where you have been credited in. These videos will be arranged by “pending” videos, “published” videos, “removed” videos and “spam” videos.
In the “channel” section you will be able to check your YouTube channel’s information. In the “status and features” section you will find the standing status of your YouTube channel as well as all the active features available to and activated on your channels, such as monetization and live streaming. the “upload defaults” section you will be able to manage your video upload settings, which will allow you to set default values for each one of your uploads such as default privacy, category, license, title, description, tags, comments, ratings, language, and locations.

In the “featured content” section you will be able to select a “channel ad” to make one of your videos eligible to be promoted to YouTube viewers. In the “branding” section you will be able to insert a watermark to brand the videos on your channel by using the “add a watermark” button. Please note that you will only be able to use transparencies and one color images as your branding watermarks.

Lastly, in the “advanced” section you will be able to configure the advanced channel settings that include “account information” such as channel keywords, “advertisement settings”, “AdWords account linking” settings, “channel recommendations”, “subscriber counts” and “Google analytics property tracking”.

Now over the “analytics” tab, you will find “overview” and “real time” reports of the performance of your videos. You can use the “comparison” button to compare performance analytics on specific videos, and you can use the settings button to select specific time periods, frequencies for charts and tables as well as units for measuring watch time in your analytics overview.

In this section, you will also get very specific analytics for measured video interactions including “watch time”, “audience retention”, “demographics”, “playback locations” and “traffic sources”.

The “translations and transcriptions” tab will allow you to check the status of community contributions for videos on your channel, which are contributions that other YouTube users provide to videos uploaded to your channels such as translation of titles, descriptions, and captions to other languages.

Here you will be able to select a “default language” for your videos to let contributors know what language they will need to work in when making contributions. Contributions under review are featured in the “in review” tab, and uploaded contributions are featured in the “published” tab.

In the “create” section you will find an “audio library”. There are two tabs in this section, the “free music” tab and the “sound effects” tab. You can use the files in these libraries to add royalty free music and sound effects to your videos. In the “music policies” section you can check current policies set by copyright holders to songs on YouTube.

The last tab on the “creator studio” left-hand menu is “your contributions” tab. In this section, you will be able to check and manage your community contributions on the “submissions” tab, community contributions that you haven’t submitted yet on the “drafts” tab and videos requiring community contributions such as translated captions in the “contribute” tab.

Take your time to go through all these sections on your own and to use them in detail. Next up we will be teaching you how to link your AdWords account to your YouTube account, so make sure to tune in!

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