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Begin Creating Videos Today with What You Have – No Excuses


Creating live and recorded videos is a learning process. Like learning to walk, you take a single tottering step at a time. As you find your balance, you become more confident and skilled, until you learn to “run with it.” You will go through the same process as you learn to create great videos and use them to benefit your audience.

Begin by learning more about the video. If you aren’t naturally a techy kind of person, it’s likely that you have a few misconceptions or fears about creating a video, and especially live video. Start at the beginning with why and how to create videos. Then move on to what you want to know.

Read about creating videos each day but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Make sure that you learn from authority sites. If you don’t know which sites are most reputable, ask your friends or your go-to tech person for several suggestions. As you visit suggested sites, make notes of the ones you like the best and why you like them. You may also want to sign up for their newsletter on this subject.

When you reach the stage where you want to practice, use the equipment you already have on hand. Don’t run out and get high-dollar equipment. Most smartphones and up-to-date equipment are good enough to get you started, which is the key to success…getting started. You can’t reach your destination if you never begin the journey.

If you run into trouble, take a short break. Read up on the problem to find solutions and strategies that help you over the rough spot. You are learning new information, strategies, and skills. It takes time and patience to succeed. Keep practicing and making progress. You’ll reach your destination soon.


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