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Create A YouTube Business Channel

Creating Your YouTube Channel for Business


Having a YouTube channel will provide you with a more personalized experience because it gives you a way to more directly control what you do on the platform while also providing you with a profile that can be used to interact with other users.

In that respect, YouTube channels have an appearance and functionality that closely resembles a social profile, with information such as the account holder’s username, the account type, a description about the channel, the videos uploaded by the owner of the channel, a list of channels followed and friended by the owner of the channel and a discussions section.

Creating A YouTube Channel

Creating your own channel is a very easy and straightforward process that won’t take you much but a few clicks of your mouse. Keep in mind that when you sign up on YouTube you will be able to access the platform with your Google credentials, but creating a YouTube channel is the minimum requirement for you to upload your marketing videos on the platform, and you can start by going to your account icon on YouTube and clicking on “Settings”.

Now click on the “create a channel” link and enter the name of your new channel in the “Use YouTube as” pop-up window. Now, there are two types of YouTube channels: Personal Channels and Business Channels. Personal channels are the quickest and easiest way to have your own channel, while business channels provide users with additional channel customization options, such as the option to name your channel after your brand or business and to manage your channel from multiple YouTube accounts.

Your default account holder’s name will be set as your new personal channel’s name, and you will simply have to click on “create a channel” to set it up. In this case, we are going to teach you how to set up a channel for your business so you can advertise from there, so you will have to click on the “use a business or other name” link instead.

Now in the “brand account name” field enter the name of your brand or business and then click on “create”. Awesome! Now that you have created your new channel it is time to customize it. Start by clicking on the “customize channel” button.

Now click on the “edit” button on the profile picture space to the left to add your channel icon. Click on the “edit” button on the pop-up, and then click on the “upload photo” button on the next window.

Now, look for your business logo on your computer, select it and click on “done” when it uploads. Now go back to your YouTube channel and click on the “add channel art” button, which will allow you to upload a new image that you can see as your main channel art. You will have the options to either “upload photos”, select an image from “your photos”, or to use one from the “gallery”.Once you have selected your channel art click on “select”.

Ok, now click on the “settings” icon below your channel art to go to your channel settings. Here you can customize your channel privacy and general customization settings. Your privacy setting options will allow you to either keep your liked videos, subscriptions and saved playlists private or to make them public.

By turning on the “customize the layout of your channel” option you will be able to further customize your channel from the get-go. Lastly, you can turn on or off the “show discussion tab” option to allow comments to appear on your channel or not. Once you have made changes in this section simply click on “save”. Back on the channel customization page, you will be able to use the “add section” button to separate your video uploads into categories and the “add channels” button to favorite other people’s channels and to feature them on yours. Changes made using these buttons will show on the “videos”, “playlists” and “channels” tabs.

Now over the “about” tab, you will be able to edit your channel description by clicking on the “channel description” button and then on done once you have added your channel description in the “channel description” field.

You will also be able to add contact details on your channel, including your “email” address, your country, and custom “links” that your channel visitors can click through. Once you have finished making changes in this section simply click on “done”.

Now that you have created a YouTube channel for your business you have everything that you need to start uploading your video ads. In the following post we will be giving you a walkthrough of the YouTube creator studio before showing you how to upload your advertising videos for the first time, so make sure to tune in!

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