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Build Your Email List With LinkedIN

How to Use LinkedIn To Get More Email Subscribers

LinkedIn can be a great way to get more clients, make lucrative connections, and build relationships. But, ultimately, in most online marketing the goal is to bring people into your email marketing list so that you can market to them on a more personal level. With LinkedIn you can do that.

* Publish a Free Report – On LinkedIn you can use some links to go to a PDF report on your website. When they get to the report, require an email address to download it for free. Ensure that you put them on a segmented list based on those who download this specific report so that you can market to them personally.

* Invite Connections to Join – If you make a connection with someone, send them a thank you for connecting with you and in the process ask them if they would like to join your list by providing a link. Tell them what information you provide them through the list so that they have a reason to sign up.

* Feature Your Book – Publish a book on Kindle and use publications on LinkedIn to link to your Kindle book. This may not directly build your list, but it will put you on their radar as a published author and expert. If you’ve done a good job mentioning your list in the book, they may join after reading.

* Add Rich Media – In the rich media section you can add your publications too, as well as videos and images that bring differentiation to your LinkedIn profile. By showing your audience what you offer, they’re more likely to join your mailing list.

* Purchase LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn advertisements are a great way to get the message out about your products and services, but also about your email list. Tell people what you offer in your email list, and how it can help them and they will be more likely to sign up.

build your email list with linkedin

* Build a Prospect List – Target specific people and businesses that you want to connect with on LinkedIn. Make a spreadsheet of those with whom you want to connect and get on your list. Find out if you already have any first degree connections with these people and if not, figure out how you can connect by joining groups they’re in and sharing and commenting on their updates.

* Upgrade Membership – If you’re a paid member of LinkedIn, you can send people that you do not know InMail. This is a valuable way to connect with people as well as invite them to join your mailing list.

* Connect with Profile Viewers – You can see who has viewed your profile and connect to them if you’re an upgraded member. It’s a great way to start a conversation. Just say, “I noticed you looking at my profile, and I wondered how I might assist you.” Let them know what you do and that you can serve as a resource for them.

Building your email list using LinkedIn is a great way to get highly targeted individuals and business owners on your email list. Once they are on your email list you’ll be able to market to them in a more direct manner, increasing sales and building relationships while you’re at it.

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