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Believe It Or Not – Malcare Really Works

Malcare WordPress Plugin Review


I had a very hard time believing this also. Why?  I have been blogging for several years and never found any plugin that worked satisfactorily.  I tried iThemes Security, WordFence. and numerous other plugins and was disappointed with all.   So about a year ago I saw this plugin advertised on Appsumo.com for $49 and decided to try it.

To my amazement, this plugin actually works and does what it says it will.  For the first time, I have put together a video review of this plugin below.  This plugin scans for viruses and malware on its own servers and not yours.  Not only does it make it fast and dependable, but if it fixes a problem so it does not immediately reappear.

After viewing this video a couple of days later. I found that I had missed a couple of positive points about this product. I will try to explain them as best that I can below.

Seriously people, if you own a website or know someone who does then this product is for you.  It will and does do what it says is will do.  You can find it here https://johnfwagner.com/malcare and it doesn’t cost you any more for using my link.  Thanks.

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