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Asking For Recommendations On LinkedIn

How And Why To Ask For A LinkedIn Recommendation

When you observe anyone’s LinkedIn profile you realize it looks a lot like a resume. Essentially that is what it is. However, it has one advantage over a resume. Your LinkedIn profile is always growing and changing and is almost alive. This means that as it changes and grows, your connections will also change and grow. One of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile is the ability to not only ask for recommendations but also to have them show up directly on your profile for potential connections to read.

Ask for the Recommendation Properly

There are right ways and wrong ways to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation. LinkedIn offers a template but it’s best if you send personalized recommendations. Only ask for recommendations from people for whom you’ve worked and who can truly offer something good about you.

Remind Them of What You Did for Them

Be sure to remind them of what you did for them in your request to help them remember. For example, if you helped them build their email list from 200 to 1500 subscribers, remind them of that, as well as the dates that your work occurred. This will help give them a frame of reference with which to write your recommendation.

Recommendations Give You Credibility

Asking for and receiving recommendations give you credibility. The more you can get that are well-written and that describe the kind of work that you can do, the more likely you are to impress people who see your LinkedIn profile, and the more likely they are to trust that everything you say is factual.

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You Can Use the Recommendations Elsewhere

When someone gives you a nice recommendation, send them a thank you message. Inside the thank you message ask them if you can use their recommendation as a testimonial on your website. Then you can create memes with your customer’s quote about you to share with others.

Send Your LinkedIn Profile Link to Others with Confidence

When you have your LinkedIn profile fully filled out with references listed under each job that you list, you’re going to feel a lot more confidence sending it out to others when you’re interested in a position or bidding on a contract.

It Looks More Professional

Having professional recommendations on your LinkedIn profile automatically makes you look more professional to anyone looking at your profile. If someone is willing to make good comments about you from current and former positions on LinkedIn – publically – they have a really positive effect.

Getting LinkedIn recommendations on your profile is as easy as asking. Most people that you ask aren’t going to refuse to do it. Do ensure that you only ask people who are other professionals, who can truly vouch for your work ethic, and with whom you’ve really worked – and you’ll be glad you did.

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