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After Video Show Encouragement

Encourage After Video Show Engagement


Each of your live events and video is designed to benefit your audience by meeting their niche-related wants and needs. However, you may be underestimating or overlooking a need – live interaction and engagement.

While you probably already interact with them in a variety of places and ways, they may crave more. This is especially true if they enjoy talking with and learning from you. In addition, your audience may also need to interact and talk with each other.

The easiest way to meet their needs, and quite a few of your own, is to add an “after-show” segment to your events and/or videos. You may choose to record the after-show or keep that part more private, depending on your setup and needs.

From your audiences’ perspective, the after-show adds value. It gives them live access to you. They can ask you questions about the event topic. Your personal attention makes them feel appreciated. They can also talk with each other on other issues, compare notes on mutual problems, and make new friends. This gives them a sense of hope and belonging.

From your perspective, the after-show gives you a chance to talk directly with your audience and find out more about their specific needs. It also gives you an opportunity to step out of the “expert” role. This reminds them that you are “one of them.” You’re a friend that wants to help them and you may need help.

Relaxing and chatting together at an after-show is a great way to build relationships and trust. In addition, you are likely to learn a lot more about your audience when you interact and communicate with them as an equal and on a more personal level.

Adding an after-show segment can make the entire experience more beneficial and fun for everyone. Don’t be surprised when attendance grows by leaps and bounds. Just keep giving your audience the interaction and communication opportunities they crave.


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