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Videolicious is a video creation app made for an iOS system that lets you create great-looking HD videos quickly and easily. Videolicious does all the work of combining your video clips, photos and sound together to create a powerful, professional-quality video. All you do is provide the content.

It runs on iPhone 4 / 4S / 5, iPod Touch 4 / 5, and iPad 2 / 3 / 4 / Mini running iOS 6 and higher. At this time, it’s not available for the Android system.

Sign up

When you sign up for Videolicious you need to choose your level. There are four different levels.

Click on the one you want and create your account.

Pricing levels

Free- Personal is for individuals, students, and families.

Business – is $5 month. This level is for small businesses that create marketing and sales videos.

Business Plus $10 month. This level is for small businesses that need more extensive video creation needs.

Enterprise – Call for pricing. This level is for large organizations and major brands that need to empower their teams to create premium quality videos,

Download Software

After you sign up for your account, you need to download the Videolicious app from the Apple App store to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

Open the app and press the Sign in button to access your account.

Create Videos

Creating videos is fast and easy with Videolicious. It’s a simple as choosing your shots, telling your story and selecting your music.

Step 1: Pick your shots. On your device, the video and photos on your camera roll and albums are automatically imported into the Videolicious app. Select the ones you want to use. A thumbnail appears for each shot. Touch the thumbnails in the order you want your video.



Step 2: Tell your story. Personalize your story. Add customized messages, a short sales pitch, interviews or whatever you want to convey to your viewer. Record a narration clip using your device camera by filming yourself talking about the video and photos in the movie. Summarize your topic or discuss every shot in the order it appears.

For example, you could say, “This is a great house with large open rooms.” or “The kitchen is large and inviting with all new appliances. “

Step 3: Choose your music. The paid plans, Enterprise, Business Plus, or Business, give you the option to choose music from the huge music library on Videolicious. Another option is to choose Skip to not add music.

Swipe your screen to adjust the music volume. Swipe to adjust the music volume.


Your videos are ready for Vidolicious to begin its magic. Videolicious automatically sizes or your shots, puts them in layers, adds in your music, animates any photos and exports the final video in the format that both browsers and mobile devices can access.

Your video is ready to share and promote your video.


Your video length depends on the plan you have. The Enterprise or Business Plus plans don’t limit the length of the videos. The Personal plan allows you to create a video up to the 1-minute length.

There is a limit in most plans on the number of shots you can put in a video. The Business Plus plan doesn’t limit the shot count but the Business plan has a 100 shot limit for videos and the Personal plan has a 10-shot limit. Basically, if you use more than 50 shots on your mobile app pushes the limits of your phone’s processor.

To change the order of your shots, when choosing your shots, tap on the shot thumbnail. To make even more changes tap the thumbnails to remove them the shot list and add them again.

To film someone else is telling your story step, press the camera switch button at the top right corner of your phone.

To record a voiceover only, press the Camera + Mic button at the top.



After you make your initial video you need to set your preferences for sharing through the Share screen or by pressing the share button in your account’s video page. Set up automatic publishing to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The free account will have a Videolicious logo but the paid accounts won’t. Videos can be emailed or uploaded to your own server. Your sharing preferences are automatically saved and synced across devices.

You can press the Copy link button to get a copy of the link to your video page if you need to paste it in an email. Press the Embed button to embed the code so it can be published on your website.

Getting Creative with Videolicious

Use the app to create video thank-you notes for your clients and customers, create video product reviews to share and news reports about what is happening related to your niche.

Create a video for your students to learn a new language or about a historical location, then share the video in your Facebook group or Twitter followers.

Create a video to show the steps on how to create something. For example, the steps needed to sew on a button, build a bench or bake a cake.

Videolicious is a creative video editing app that everyone can use. It takes your photos and videos and turns them into professional-quality videos you can share. Use them to inform, teach and sell your brand.

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