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Use YouTube Videos For Leads And Sales

Leads And Sales With YouTube Videos

It’s getting harder to get people to come to your website and stick around long enough to see what you’re offering. In fact, most people spend less than 20 seconds on a website before they click away, never to return. Thankfully, there is a solution to that problem, YouTube videos. The way to attract more prospects, engage viewers, get more email subscribers, and make more sales is with video and specifically, YouTube videos.

Create a niche YouTube channel, with lots of great information. You don’t need thousands of subscribers to make it work. You just need to target and market to your viewers effectively on your YouTube channel, as well as other places. Let’s get started by looking at how to create your channel.

Create a Targeted Niche Channel

The first thing you need to do is create your YouTube channel. Give this a lot of thought because you want the name and branding of your channel to describe what your viewers can expect.

  • Design – YouTube allows you to create a cover photo, backgrounds, and another branding that will make a lot of difference for spreading brand awareness.
  • Watermarks – Use a watermark for your videos to help keep your branding there along with the YouTube branding. In your dashboard, under the channel, you’ll find a link to “branding” that will help.
  • Intros & Outros – Create a standard intro and outro for your videos. That will also help a lot with the branding of your channel. You can use your video editing software to pop your newest video into the middle of the intro and outro.
  • Keywords – When you create your “about” description take the opportunity to include as much information as space allows using keywords that your audience will use to find you. Look for keywords under your dashboard, channel, advanced.
  • Cross Promote – Include a link to your website as well as your social media accounts. This gives visitors the ability to choose what works best for them. You’ll find this information under the dashboard, channel, advanced.
  • Contact Info – Just in case someone wants to use you as an influencer (that can mean a big payday) include plenty of contact information.

Use keywords and information that helps anyone know exactly why you’re on YouTube and what you’re promoting. Keep it friendly and valuable. Avoid hard sales tactics because visitors are coming to you for information and solutions, not ads, links, and annotations that distract them from getting the info they want.

Create Videos that Get Views & Shared

A lot of people do have videos “go viral” by accident but you can, with planning to ensure that you have a bigger chance of a video going viral. Going viral can be defined as being shared a lot more than other videos but how much depends on your niche. For some niches, that can mean a million views. For others that might mean 1000. It just depends on your niche. However, you will have more of a chance of going viral if you follow the tips here.

Lighting & Sound Matter

If you really want a video to go viral, invest in the tools necessary to create high-quality videos. Don’t worry about perfection. Just concern yourself with ensuring that people can see clearly and hear what you’re saying. The more professional the video appears and the better the information you provide, the higher your rating will be.

Add in Some Background Music When Appropriate

For some videos, adding a little mood music can be helpful. However, don’t make it too long or loud. Background means that it’s more like a subtle white noise. Also, ensure that you have the right type of royalty free music. If you use music that is not approved for this use, your video will be taken down for copyright infringement. YouTube has music you can use but you can also do a search for “royalty free music” to find more options.

Create Custom Thumbnails

The best way to get attention for your videos is to create custom thumbnails that draw attention to the topic you’re going to talk about. You can pick a thumbnail that YouTube snaps from your upload or you can upload a special thumbnail. Branding will be increased if you use custom thumbnails that help the viewer determine what’s inside.

Be Authentic

That might seem like an obvious statement but a lot of people get so nervous doing any type of video that they start sounding like a robot. The best thing you can do is know your topic very well and just keep an outline in front of you about what you want to talk about, then just talk about it without memorization. It’s okay to look down at notes, share your screen, or look away from the camera. However, it’s very important to talk to the people as if they’re in the room with you and are your friends.

Keep Them Short

YouTube videos work best if they cover only one point of action. This means that a video less than 10 minutes is ideal. If you can get your videos down to two minutes, it’s even better since those tend to do best on YouTube. You want to cover one point, one “how to,” and one call to action in each video.

Interview Others

When you can involve other people in your videos, it makes for something more exciting than one person talking to the screen. Interview successful people within your industry, a customer who has had success with your products, or even a famous influencer that you know your audience will enjoy hearing from.

Keep Posting

When you first start posting YouTube videos try to stick to a schedule. Usually, it’s best to post one short video a day than it is to post one long video per week. After you’ve gained momentum, you can slow down, but at first plan on posting one video a day for 30 days for the best results.

Finally, ensure that you appear in your own videos. You can make plenty of videos that don’t include you but the ones that include your face will get a lot more results than videos that only include products or screen shares. With over 1.5 billion active YouTube users online watching videos, you’re sure to find your audience.

Direct Ways to Boost Sales and Get More Prospects with YouTube Videos

Let’s look at a few ways to directly, increase your sales using YouTube. These ideas will work for any niche and help you succeed.

  • Create Custom Thumbnails/Image – Once your video is uploaded, go in and create a custom thumbnail to showcase the primary message of the video by using attention-grabbing headlines overlaid on the main image.
  • Add URL in Description – In the description box that appears under each video, you can add a lot of things in there. One thing to include in your website URL. Even though it won’t be clickable, people can still see it and know they can copy and paste to get to your website.
  • Include CTA in Every Video – Not only should you put a CTA in every video right on the screen you should include on in the description area.
  • Post your FB Live Recordings to YouTube – This is an excellent way to repurpose your Facebook Live recordings. Post them to YouTube directly or you can add in an introduction to the video if you desire. Remember your CTAs.
  • Ask People to Like & Subscribe – Some people don’t know how to like and subscribe. Be sure to point it out and ask them to do it and show them how to do it so they can subscribe to your channel and get updates of new content if they click the bell.
  • Add Pop Up Annotations – An awesome feature to use for creating videos that truly get engagement, reaction, and conversions are to add annotations such as a speech bubble or overlay to inject comments and active links into the video. You can also include end screen annotations to encourage viewers to view other videos that you have created for them.

Using these tips will help your videos become more interesting to click on, more engaging to listen to, and more interactive. When you engage more with your audience, you’re creating a relationship with them that will follow you from YouTube to your website, blog, and other social media networks.

How to Come Up with Video Content

Coming up with content for your YouTube videos is likely going to be the hardest part of using YouTube to get more prospects and make more sales. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You probably already have a lot of content you can repurpose into YouTube videos.

  • Repost Your FB Lives – If you do FB Live, upload them to your YouTube channel as well. That will help you get more usage and benefits from them. Even if the videos are longer, you can post them “as is” or you can shorten them with editing software to turn one FB live into several YouTube videos.
  • Use Blog Posts – Do you have blog posts on your blog? If so, all you need to do is find one blog post that has several points. Let’s say you have a blog post that says 10 ways to use Chocolate Cake Mix. You can cut that down into just a couple ways, or use one way per video to keep the videos under two minutes.
  • Teach Something – Have you received technical questions that are best answered with a video showing someone how to do something? For example, if you’re an administrative virtual assistant and everyone is always asking you how to create a table of contents in Word, why not make a quick video showing how to do it?
  • Respond to Something – There are many videos on YouTube. If someone with a lot of followers has said something that changed your life, that you agree with or disagree with, and you have good points to back up what you want to say, make a response video.
  • Record Your in Person Speaking Gigs – If you’re a public speaker, get permission to record your speech. Then you can post it as is, or you can cut it down into shorter videos to upload to YouTube to increase the awareness of your knowledge about the topic.
  • Create a Trailer – Did you write a book? Create a book trailer using PowerPoint and a screen recorder. Add a little music and your voice over to create a book trailer that tells as many people as possible about your newest book.
  • PLR – Have you ever purchased PLR? If so, you have tons of content you can use as fodder for a YouTube video. Get to know the information and then create a video about the topic using the PLR as research.

These ideas can help you come up with unlimited content for YouTube. When you consider that it doesn’t need to be very long, and should be about 2 minutes long, that means one blog post with 10 points can become ten different videos on YouTube.

How to Market with YouTube

Once you create your branding and understand the important factors of what makes a good video now you can focus on marketing your products and services with your YouTube videos.

Leads and Sales with YouTube videos

Put a CTA in Every Video

Your calls to action are very important. You can make some of them part of your intro and outro. For example, you should ask people to thumb up, subscribe, and turn on the bell to get notifications and to read more information in the description area every single video.

Post Often

With YouTube the more often, you post valuable content the more views you’re going to get. The more views you get the more people will be told about your content. It’s like a snowball going down a snowy hill, it builds momentum until eventually, it’s rolling right along on its own without much work. If you get into a pattern of posting daily, your audience will start to expect it and look forward to it.

Put the Most Important Stuff Up Front

The first ten seconds of your video is probably the most important. Make them want to watch more by telling them what you’re going to tell them before you tell them. It’s just like in high school speech class. “Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Then, tell them what you told them.”

Create an Accurate Keyword Title

Nothing is more important than your title. Do not try to use clickbait even though it does work to get views. Try to be creative enough that the title lets the viewers know what’s going to be inside without giving it all way. Make them want to click it to watch it with the title and the thumbnail.

Fill Out the Description Box

Another very important aspect of YouTube videos is the description box. You can put an entire transcript of your video in the description box if you want to. That will help people find your video better due to the search terms showing up. Include links to your landing pages, products, social media, and anything you’ve mentioned in the video.

Link to Related Videos

Within any video, you can link to other videos. This is a great way to keep them on your channel. The link will pop up with words that the viewer will notice. It will encourage the viewer to watch the other videos they might have missed thus increasing your views.

Create Response Videos

Sometimes you’ll find videos that make you happy, encourage you, or make you mad. Videos that trigger a strong emotional reaction from you and/or your audience are prime material for a response video. Whether you agree or disagree with the original video, creating a response video that states your points will get you noticed.

Go Live to Surprise Your Fans

Occasionally, once you build up a few hundred subscribers it is fun to do a YouTube Live event. You can do it to surprise your fans but you can also schedule it so that they know when you’re going to be live. The live video will then be saved for viewing later for those who missed it.

Co-Market with Others

If you know people who market to your audience complementary products, service, and information hook up with them to do joint videos so that you can encourage your audiences to subscribe to the other channel.

Give things Away

A great way to convert a video viewer to a mailing list subscriber is to offer a specific YouTube freebie that can be linked to in the description bar. The linked offer’s landing page should go to a signup form where they fill in their email address to receive the freebie. Don’t forget to put them on the main prospect list designed to move them along your funnel to become customers.

YouTube is a big supportive community that wants everyone to succeed. They love it when a new contributor adds value to YouTube. If you do that, you’ll be a favorite in the community and more importantly with your viewers. Offer great value, share other people’s videos, respond to other people’s videos, and soon you’ll notice your subscribers increasing on YouTube and on your website’s email list.

Getting Started

You don’t really need much to get started with YouTube. Today, YouTube offers native software to help you go live with one-click. You can also use free OBS – Open Broadcast Software, your phone recorder, or PC camera recorder.

Since YouTube discontinued their native editor in 2017, you may need editing software such as Camtasia by TechSmith to make the videos look professional. You may also have free software on your personal computer for video editing such as Movie Maker. Another option might be to hire someone on Fiverr.com to help you.

To get started fast use this short checklist:

  1. Create a targeted niche YouTube channel.
  2. Brand your channel.
  3. Add a channel description.
  4. Develop an intro/outro.
  5. Create short content about 2 minutes long.
  6. Edit the video and/or add promos
  7. Link the main CTA in the description box information.
  8. Start uploading content daily for at least 30 days.
  9. Promote the channel and the videos everywhere.

If you start now, within thirty days you should have enough videos and traffic on your YouTube channel to determine how much video helps you meet your business goals. You may need to make a few tweaks and adjustments to your strategies to get the results you’re after. As with everything new, it takes some time to learn the tricks of the trade. However, the great thing is that even while you’re in the learning stage, you’ll get more prospects and make more sales with YouTube videos.

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