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Set Up a Basic Video Ad Campaign

Video Ad Campaign Set Up


We are now on the final step video, where we are going to teach you how to set up a basic video advertising campaign on YouTube the easy way, step by step, and we are going to do it using the advertising video we just uploaded in the previous step to make it easier for you to follow through each stage of the process.

Because by this point you already have an advertising video uploaded on your channel, what you will have to do next is to simply go to your channel profile icon in the top-right corner from anywhere on YouTube and then to click on the “creator studio” button.

Now go to the “VIDEOS” box on your creator studio dashboard and locate your advertising video. Then click on the drop-down menu right beside the “edit”
button and then click on the “promote” option.

You will be taken to the “promote your video” section, from where you will be able to promote your video with a video ad campaign, with options to choose how much you will spend on your ads and how broadly you will target your audience.

Video ads promoted from this section will allow you to make a better use of your budget because you will only pay for a video ad when someone chooses to watch your video, and the good news is that running video ad campaigns can boost the long-term popularity of your content because the extra views, likes, and shares earned during the run of a video ad campaign can easily lead you to get even more views, engagement, and business in the future.

So to start creating your new video ad campaign you will simply have to click on the “promote your video” button on this page. As you can see, the basic ad creation process is a simple, three-step process that encompasses the “budget”, the ad “design” and the “final steps”, so let’s go one by one, starting with “budget”.

You have two options in the “budget” menu. The “campaign budget” option will allow you to set up a campaign lifetime budget, which means that the amount of money that you allocate for this campaign will be the total amount that will be spent during the campaign, and you will get a preview of the estimated number of lifetime views on your video ad based on the amount that you allocate on your campaign budget in the “estimated views” section.

The “daily budget” option will allow you to set up a daily fixed amount of money towards advertising, which means that your daily budget will be the amount of money that you will spend on a given video ad campaign on a daily basis. You will get an estimated number of daily views based on the amount that you allocate on your daily budget in the “estimated views per day” section.

You will be able to select the currency that you will be using to pay for your video ad campaigns in the currency selection menu and to enter your total “campaign budget” or total “daily budget” amount on the “your budget” field.

Our recommendation here is to select “daily budget” and to enter a daily budget of $5 to $30 depending on how much you can afford to allocate on this budget. This will allow you to have more control over your ad spend, and you can always increase your daily budget amount if you are achieving your target objectives, or pause your campaigns and optimize them if you are not seeing an adequate return on investment.

In the “audience” section, you will be able to select between two audience targeting options. The first one is the “everyone” option, which will allow you to target anyone with your campaign. We only recommend you to select this audience targeting option if your offers are suited for a very broad audience.

The “let me choose who sees my ad” option will allow you to narrow down your targeting. You will be able to enter specific locations to target in the “locations” box and to target specific keywords used by niche audiences in the “interests” box. In our case, we are going to select the “everyone” option because we will be advertising a giveaway to send more people to our website. Once you have set up your budget and targeting click on “next step” to continue.

It is time to design your new video ad. Start by adding your video ad headline in the “headline” field. Headlines should be short and include the name of your brand, your product, or service, as well as keywords that describe the use and benefits of your offer. The more specific, the better.

In the “description line 1” and “description line 2” fields you will have to enter a brief description on each. The trick here is to use the “description line 1” field to enter your websites URL, and the “description line 2” field to ad calls to action or to inform leads about incentives such as discounts if you offer them.

Please note however that these description lines will only show up on “in display” ads, and you can click on the “in-display ads” tab on the ad preview section to the right to see how they will read in your actual ads. Lastly, go to the “thumbnails” section and select a thumbnail image for your video ad. Once you are done designing your ad simply click on “next step” to continue.

Then comes the “final steps”. You will need to sign in to AdWords to launch your video ad campaign from your AdWords account, so click on the “sign in to AdWords” button to move on. Select your country or territory in the following window and then click on “continue”.

Finally, select your account type, enter your name and address, then select your payment method. Lastly, accept the AdWords terms and conditions by checking the “I accept the AdWords terms and conditions” box at the bottom and click on “save”. Your billing credentials will be saved, and you will only have to review your video ad campaign before confirming it. And that’s it!

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