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What Gets Pinned Most Often On Pinterest?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret to choosing pins that go viral every single time? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this one.

Sometimes the most popular pins are the silliest. Other times, the pins that go viral are detailed tutorials. It truly just varies from day to day.

You can get some ideas to see what is most popular by looking under the “Popular Pins” tab at the top of the Pinterest page. This will give you a sneak peak at the pins that are getting the most attention.

There are a few common elements that seem to be present in almost every pin that hits the “popular” page. Take a look at this pin…

colorful pin pineterest

It has been repinned 1337 times. It has 236 likes and 11 comments. That’s a lot of action! What is the most striking thing about that pin?  The COLOR!

When you choose images for your website to share on Pinterest, opt for bright colors. White background blend in and don’t get noticed as often.

Size also makes a difference when you choose images. If your photos are long, they will take up more space on the page and grab more attention. For instance, check out this pin from the “Popular” page.

popular pin on pinterest

This pin has 9469 repins, 1472 likes, and 35 comments. Now that’s awesome! While there are many other pins showcasing shadowbox tables, this one is eye catching because it is tall and takes up a lot of the page space.

Power Up Your Pinterest Traffic

Now that you know how to use Pinterest to generate traffic to your website, let’s take to the next level. If you want to get MORE traffic and see MORE sales coming from Pinterest, here are a few more tips to keep in mind…

Pair Short Blog Posts with Great Photos

You don’t have to write a 500 word article for every blog post you create. Instead, write a really interesting paragraph of 50 – 100 words and pair it with a great photo.

You can also include links to some of your other posts at the end. Then “Pin It” and watch the magic happen. With just 10 minutes of work, you can get several hundred visitors almost instantly!

The best part is that people coming to your website from Pinterest will automatically encounter a variety of links to other pages on your website where they can explore and learn more.

This is presents a great opportunity to advertise other products and services by using banners and text links. You can also make additional revenue by including Google Adsense on your website.

Another technique that works great for me is to offer a free report or ebook to get visitors from Pinterest to sign up for my mailing list. Then I promote other affiliate products and CPA offers to them over time, which generates even more money for me.

The possibilities are truly endless. For more ideas, simply click on other people’s Pins to visit their website and study how they monetize their website.

Pin Your Affiliate Links

This is a really neat way to make money using Pinterest, but you should use it sparingly or you will definitely look like a spammer.

Create a board to pin products you love and then pin an affiliate link to Amazon, eBay, Clickbank or other affiliate websites.

ways to pin

When you paste in the affiliate link, choose an image from the page (such as a book cover or product image on Amazon) and then pin it.

Just remember, do NOT over do this technique. You don’t want Pinterest to ban your account.

Find Out Who is Pinning Your Content

If you want to see how much Pinterest action your website is getting, it’s easy to track it.

Go to Pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com and you will see all of the pins that are linked to your site. Pretty neat, huh?

What Are You Waiting For?

Obviously, Pinterest is extremely popular with unlimited opportunities to promote your website and increase up your earnings online.

If you haven’t requested an invitation yet, get moving!  Share your content with other pinners and watch as your website gains a flood of new traffic overnight.

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